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Mowerslab is a one-stop solution for anything related to gardening and lawn care. We’re an independent website with garden experts supplying the most dependable information about the growing and trimming of plants, weed control, yard tools, and any other gardening need of a beginning or advanced gardener.

Here you’ll find:

  • 50+ how-to gardening and lawn care article that helps to maintain your lawn and grow your garden perfectly.
  • 15+ residential lawn mowing equipment tutorials, guides & recommendations (based on 1000s of hours of hands-on experience and testing). 

If you’re thinking:

  • How sharpening lawn mower baldes
  • Mulching vs side discharge which is best
  • Which are the best lawn mower brands
  • “How do I use it so I don’t damage the surface or myself?”
  • “What else can I do with it to save time and effort cleaning around the house?”

You’re in the RIGHT place.

Who Started MowersLab?

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Desmond J. Hernandez


Desmond is here to tell you a story about how I began MowersLab with my other half, Bethzy, and how we intend to move forward in growing it right now!

I’ll get started with myself first:

My love for mowing the lawn was one reason I liked playing with toy lawn mowers from a young age. I would awaken early on Saturday mornings and help my father mow the yard. I enjoyed listening to the loud noise the lawn mower made and enjoyed the smell of freshly cut grass. And after that, we started cleaning our backyard. I felt that everything was so peaceful.

At that time, we were using an old-fashioned lawn mower that was difficult to push in comparison with the updated modern ones that we have when it is time to mow the lawn. 

It turned into a sport to use the old lawn mower instead of the new mowing mechanisms.

Time flew by and the cutting-edge developments got us involved in these machines.

One of the reasons for to shift was the ease of use and reliability.

Now we are using advanced technology for lawn care and cleaning my backyard.

Since then I’ve indulged myself in using different chainsaw and lawn mower brands such as Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Greenworks, Poulan Pro, etc.

What vast experience do I have in the world of great tool devices?

I launched MowersLab with the expectation of needing to fulfill a challenge.


MowersLab is a supplier of a broad range of indoor and outdoor gardening knowledge. Our tireless dedication to providing quality content in our community enables buyers from all over the world to make the most well-informed gardening decisions. We make comprehensive product reviews so the reader would know his or her tools. We relentlessly share detailed product reviews for the benefit of readers worldwide.

MowersLab Team

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Garden Enthusiast

Alice is a gardening expert with 4 years of experience writing about horticulture and over 2 years of experience working in the field. She’s passionate about helping people grow their own food and loves sharing her knowledge with others.

Undergraduate Degree

Texas A & M University-College Station


I always felt I could express myself better through writing. My comfort zone is writing about what I do practically. I love writing about what I learned in my university and garden

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We are located at 8502 Cinnamon Creek Dr, San Antonio, TX 78240. You can reach out to MowersLab via:

Phone Number: (210) 891-5196

Email Address: admin@mowerslab.com

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Hope so you’ll get the info you are looking for on this blog.

Best Regards,

Desmond owner at MowersLab!

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