140cc Vs 160cc Lawn Mower Engine: What’s the Difference?

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There are a few things to consider when purchasing a lawn mower. One of the most important factors is the size of the engine. Many people are unsure whether to buy a 140cc or 160cc lawn mower. 

The two engines are very different in size and power. A 140cc engine is smaller and less powerful than a 160cc engine. 

If you have a large yard with lots of hills, you will need a lawn mower with a more powerful engine.

Ok, before diving into the main part let’s answer a simple question

What Is Lawn Mower Engine CC?

A lawn mower engine CC, or cubic centimeters, is the size of the engine on a lawn mower. The higher the CC number, the more powerful the engine. When shopping for a lawn mower, it’s important to know the size of the engine and whether it will be able to handle your desired cutting height. A smaller engine may not be able to power a mower that is taller than 3 inches.

140cc vs 160cc Lawn Mower – Which Lawn Mower Generates More Power?

A lawn mower engine CC rating can be somewhat misleading. It’s not always about the size of the engine, but how it’s used. A mower with a small engine may have a more powerful engine than one with a larger engine if it has more features or is more powerful.

  • 140cc lawn mower: If you have a small yard, or are looking for an easy-to-use lawn mower, a 140cc lawn mower engine might be perfect for you. These engines are smaller than traditional lawn mower engines, making them ideal for yards that are less than 1/4 acre in size. A 140cc lawn mower engine is also easier to start and operate than a larger engine, making it perfect for those who don’t have a lot of experience using a lawn mower. But the drawback is, it can’t handle the tough mowing task.
  • 160cc lawn mower: If you have a large yard, you need a lawn mower engine with enough power to get the job done. A 160cc lawn mower engine is perfect for the task. These engines are available on many different types of lawn mowers, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. A 160cc lawn mower engine is powerful enough to handle even the largest yards. This engine is ideal for people who want a lawn mower that can take care of a lot of ground in a short amount of time. If you have a large yard, be sure to check out lawn mowers with a 160cc engine.

Torque Comparison

Lawn mower torque is the rotational force that is applied to the blade of the lawn mower. The more torque that is applied, the quicker the lawn mower can cut through the grass. 

There are a few factors that affect how much torque a lawn mower engine can produce. The size of the engine, the type of fuel, and the design of the engine all play a role in determining how much torque a lawn mower can produce. 

Smaller engines typically have less torque than larger engines. Engines that run on gasoline typically have more torque than those that run on diesel fuel. And engines with more cylinders typically produce more torque than those with fewer cylinders. 

The amount of torque also depends on the design of the engine.

  • 140cc Lawn Mower Engine Torque: This engine generates less torque which means less power. But it’s good for a small lawn. But if your lawn is hilly it might not be a good option.
  • 160cc Lawn Mower Engine: The 160cc lawn mower engine is a great choice for anyone looking for power and performance. This engine provides plenty of torque to get the job done, whether you’re mowing your lawn or cutting through brush and tall grass. It’s also fuel-efficient, so you can get the most out of each tank of gas.


Lawn mowers are one of the most common pieces of outdoor equipment. They are used to cut grass, and depending on the size of the lawn, can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more. The runtime of a lawn mower depends on a variety of factors, including the type of mower, the size and shape of the lawn, and the condition of the blades.

Most lawn mowers have two or three settings for speed: slow, medium, and fast. A small lawn can be completed in a few minutes with a fast setting; however, if the blades are not sharp, it will take longer. A large or difficult lawn can take an hour or more to complete with a slow setting. It is important to keep the blades sharpened for optimal performance.

  • 140cc Lawn Mower Run Time: A 140cc lawn mower should be able to run for around 30 minutes on a single tank of gas. This is assuming that the height of the grass is at its average level and that there is not too much debris or thick patches of grass to cut through. If the height of the grass is taller than average or if there is a lot of debris in the way, then it could reduce how long the mower will run. 
  • 160cc Lawn Mower Run Time: A 160cc lawn mower has a running time of 45 minutes on a single tank of gas. This is one of the longest-running times available on the market today. If you are looking for a mower that can get the job done quickly, this may not be the right choice for you. However, if you are looking for a mower that will last, this is a great option. 

In addition to the running time, you also need to consider the size of your yard. If your yard is large, you may need a mower with more power.

Fuel Consumption

When it comes to lawn mower fuel consumption, there are a lot of factors to take into account. The size of the lawn, the type of mower, and the operator’s technique all play a role in how much fuel is used.

Smaller lawns can be mowed with less fuel than larger ones. A rotary mower uses more fuel than a reel mower, and an inexperienced operator will use more fuel than one who is experienced.

On the other hand, a powerful lawn mower produces more power, handles the toughest mowing task, and consumes more oil. So based on your need choosing the lawn mower is a wise decision.

  • 140cc Lawn Mower Fuel Consumption: 140cc lawn mower consumes less oil than the 160cc lawn mower. And also it’s good for handling the light mowing task.
  • 160cc Lawn Mower Fuel Consumption: It will consume more oil than the 140cc mower and also easily handle the toughest mowing task.

Maintenance Cost

The average maintenance cost of a lawn mower is about $7. This includes the costs of oil, filters, and spark plugs. However, if the blades aren’t sharpened on a regular basis, they will need to be replaced more often. Blades that are not sharp can cause the grass to be cut improperly, which will reduce the quality of the lawn.

160cc lawn mowers offer more features and more power than 140cc lawn mowers. And it’s common sense for a higher number of features it require more maintenance cost.

Leaf Mulching or Bagging

If you were ever wondering why lawn mowers require more power if they cut the grass in the same direction, allow me to present you with the reason. If your yard lacks rough spots and doesn’t contain much mess, then a lawn mower with a stronger engine won’t make a difference. However, if the grass is a hassle and you have to exchange grass or mulch your yard frequently, having a stronger engine will make sure to make things better.

  • 140cc Lawn Mower: The 140cc lawn mower may have problems with clogging while dealing with rough terrains, and that’s not what you want to happen when you’re mowing your lawn.
  • 160cc Lawn Mower: Although 160cc engine’s power makes even the hardest of tasks easy, it may nevertheless clog or stall out.

Price Range

140cc Lawn Mower: When looking at the 140cc lawn mower, the average prices go from $150 to $300. Some of the most popular brands for machines of this size are Greenworks, Snapper, and Sun-Joe, etc. The main difference in price is usually based on the features that come with the machine. For example, some have a catcher bag for collecting clippings while others mulch the clippings back into the ground.

160cc Lawn Mower: The 160cc lawn mower is a great choice for those who are looking for a powerful and durable machine. The price range for these machines starts from about $200 and can go up to $700, so there is a significant difference in price between the two. It is important to consider what you will be using the lawn mower for before making a purchase, as this will help you determine which model is best suited for your needs.

Home Or Commercial Use

Both of the lawn mowers are good for residential usage. They are not perfect for commercial usage. If you’re looking for a commercial lawn mower then we will suggest you go with a 190cc+ lawn mower. They can easily deal with terrain, weed, and more.


How Much Horsepower Is 140cc Lawn Mower Engine?

CC and HP are related by the formula CC = HP x 15. Applying this formula, a 140cc lawn mower engine would have approximately 9.33 horsepower.

What is Lawn Mower “CC” Meaning?

CC in the context of a lawn mower stands for “cubic centimeters,” which is a unit of measurement representing the engine displacement or size. It indicates the volume of the engine’s cylinders, reflecting the amount of air and fuel the engine can intake and combust in a single revolution. Higher CC values typically correspond to larger and potentially more powerful engines.


In conclusion, when deciding between a 140cc or 160cc lawn mower, the buyer should consider how often they will use the mower, the size of their yard, and their strength. A 140cc lawn mower is a good choice for a small yard that will be used frequently, while a 160cc lawn mower is a good choice for a larger yard that will only be used occasionally.

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