7 Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower: Reviews & Buying Guide [Update – 2022]

Greenworks 25022
Greenworks 25022
  • 12 Amp Motor
  • Affordable & Lightweight
  • Foldable Handle
  • 3-in-1 Discharge Ability
  • 10-Inch Rear / 7-Inch Front Wheels
American Lawn Mower Company 50514
American Lawn Mower Company 50514
  • 11 Amp Motor
  • Affordable & Lightweight
  • Foldable Handles
  • 2-in-1 Discharge Ability
  • 7-inch large rear wheels
  • 12 AMP Motor
  • A Little Heavy Weight
  • One-Touch Fully Collapsible Handle
  • 3-in-1 Discharge Ability
  • Caster wheel

Spending time with your family while you’re on a beautiful lawn, will refresh your mind. But without the right tools, maintaining a lawn is a hard task. Well, if you are planning to buy an eco-friendly, lightweight, powerful, and affordable mower then a corded electric lawn mower offers the best value. Investing money in the best electric lawn mower makes the mowing job enjoyable and funny. The best part of an electric lawn mower is, it doesn’t require oil or gas and easy to operate, environment-friendly, and also saves lots of money.

What’s Are The Best Corded Lawn Mowers?

Best Overall: Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1Electric Corded Lawn Mower, 25022

Best Budget Pick: American Lawn Mower Company 50514 14-Inch 11-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower, Black

Premium Choice: WORX WG719 13 Amp 20″ Electric Lawn Mower

Best For Medium Yards: Earthwise 50520 20-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Best Inexpensive: Greenworks 10 Amp 16-inch Corded Mower, 25142

Best Mulching: Sun Joe MJ403E Mow Joe 17-Inch 13-Amp Electric Lawn Mower/Mulcher

Best For Uneven Ground: Greenworks 21-Inch 13 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25112

Best Corded Lawn Mower – Comparison Table

Greenworks 25022 Greenworks 25022
  • 12 AMP motor
  • 21-inch steel deck
  • 7-position height adjustment
  • 3-In-1 (Mulching, Side Discharge, and Rear Bag) Capability
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American Lawn Mower Company 50514 American Lawn Mower Company 50514
  • 10 AMP motor
  • 16-Inch Steel Deck
  • Side discharge and mulching
  • 5-position height adjustment
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  • 13 AMP motor
  • 20-Inch Steel Deck
  • Mulching, Discharge, Rear Bag
  • 7-position height adjustment
  • One-Touch fully collapsible handle 
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Earthwise 50520 Earthwise 50520
  • 12 AMP motor
  • 20-Inch Steel Deck
  • Mulching, Discharge, Rear Bag
  • Singel Lever Height Adjustment 1 1/2-Inch to 4-Inch
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Greenworks 25142 Greenworks 25142
  • 10 AMP motor
  • 16-Inch Steel Deck
  • Side discharge and mulching
  • 5-position height adjustment
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Sun Joe MJ403E Mow Joe Sun Joe MJ403E Mow Joe
  • 13 AMP motor
  • 17-Inch Steel Deck
  • Detachable grass collection
  • 7-position height adjustment
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Greenworks 25112 Greenworks 25112
  • 13 Amp Motor
  • 21 Inch Steel deck
  • 3 In 1 (Mulching, Side Discharge, and Rear Bag)
  • 7 Position Single Lever Height Adjustment
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Top Corded Lawn Mowers Review

Electric mowers are the smartest gardening tools. The flexibility of moving top gardening experts and professionals always recommend the corded electric mower is the best for the small to the medium-sized yard.

Before choosing the mower, I team up with the top gardening experts and professionals to researching the market and pick the best-corded electric lawn mower that is budget-friendly and full of features.

1. Budget Pick?: Greenworks 25022 Review

Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1Electric Corded Lawn Mower, 25022

Key Features

  • 12 AMP Electric Corded Mower
  • 20-Inch Steel Deck
  • 3-In-1 (Mulching, Side Discharge, and Rear Bag)
  • 7-position height adjustment
  • Foldable Handles For Compact Storage
  • 4-Year Tool Warranty

Greenworks 25022 is a push mower. It is easy to use and operate. Its 12-Amp powerful motor and 20-inch steel wide cutting deck are ideal for the small or medium-sized yard.

12 AMP Motor Performance:

The 56-pound Greenworks 25022 is easy to push and start. First, plug the extension cord into the electric socket. Then, hold the power button, pull the bail switch upward to the handlebar, push the mower, and start your mowing job. To stop the mower, release the bail switch.

The mower contains a 12 Amp corded electric motor, and it’s less quiet. So you won’t be bothering your neighbors if you decide to do an early morning mowing session. The 12 Amp motor delivers enough power to cut the abundant area grass quickly and effortlessly and make your lawn neat.

Honestly, in your mowing time, you will love its smooth operation.

Extensions Cord:

As an electric mower, it probably comes with an extension cord. But the mower does not come with an electrical extension cord. It’s a drawback.

But don’t worry, based on the yard-size, purchase at least a 12 amp rated extension cord.

My recommendation is to buy a ’14 gauge for a 100 ft extension cord, a ’16 gauge for 50ft, and obtain a color that will stand out from the lawn color.

Please don’t buy an unrated extension cord.

Height Adjustments & Cut Quality:

It has a built-in one lever 7 position height adjustment. 7 position height setting offers you a range of cutting height from 1-1/2 to 3-3/4 inches for all grass types.

Grass Collection and Discharge:

It has a combined “3-in-1” option, which allows grass to be stored in the rear bag, emitted through the side discharge space, or mulched. So you can choose any method depending on your requirement on particular mowing seasons.

If your lawn has wide-blade grass with reasonably high moisture content, then grass clipping is not ideal. But bagging is perfect.

On the other hand, side-discharge is the easiest way to clipping the grass, but mulching is best for your lawn soil.

As a mower expert, I mention the 3 features and check out all types and find out which one is ideal for your lawn.

Compact Storage:

Whatever, this mower has a foldable handle that’s allowing it to be easily stored, even in a car trunk, if needed. Honestly, its compact design saves your garage storage.


The 10 inch rear wheels and 7-inch front wheels keep you stable and allow you to easily travel the high and low terrains, and you can easily cut the grass.


This mower comes with a 4-Year Tool Warranty Protects Your Investment.

Products Specs

Dimensions26.9 x 16.1 x 18 inches
Weight56 Pounds
Deck Size20 Inches
Cutting Option7 Positions

2. Best Budget: American Lawn Mower Company 50514 Review

American Lawn Mower Company 50514 14-Inch 11-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower, Black

Key Features

  • 10 AMP Electric Corded Mower
  • 20-Inch Steel Deck
  • 2-In-1 (Mulching, Rear Discharge)
  • 5-position height adjustment

American Lawn Mower 50514 is an excellent mower for homeowners who maintain small lawns and it provides a clean, reliable cut every time.

Motor Performance:

The mower started every time with just a push of a button and is always ready when you are. It features a 120 V/60 Hz, 11-Amp motor that produces sufficient energy to cut a good deal of grass and tackle the toughest mowing jobs.

This electric mulching mower is quiet and planet-conscious. It also requires less maintenance than other types of mowers.

Extensions Cord: 

Like other electric mowers, this American lawn mower company 50514 doesn’t come with an extension cord.
When you are looking for an extension cord, always try to buy a 12 amp rated cord because the motor is 11 amp.

Height Adjustments & Cut Quality:

The mower features a single lever 5 position height adjustment. The 14-inch cutting deck combined with the 5 position height adjustment allows you to cut the grass from 1 to 2.5 inches.

Grass Collection and Discharge: 

The machine has a 2-in-1 capability; rear discharge and mulching. This mower features a 16 gal grass bag. the top of the grass bag is made of hard plastic with a carrying handle that makes it easy to attach, detach, and carry a full or empty grass bag.

And also, the grass bag features a grass level indication that allows you to know the amount of grass clipping in the bag.

Compact Design:

This compact design features a flexible handle that allows for changing the handle size.

Honestly, it’s an excellent feature for a tall/short man who suffered back pain in mowing time. Also, being of a lightweight and compact design saves your garage storage.


Push mower wheels are designed in such a way that they can be rolled effortlessly and easy to operate. This mower features 7-inch wheels providing more traction to cut the grass. A hard and durable plastic material makes these wheels.

Products Specs

BrandAmerican Lawn Mower Company
Dimensions46 x 18.5 x 38 inches
Weight25.3 Pounds
Deck Size14 Inches
Cutting Option5 Positions

3. Premium Choice: WORX WG719 Review

Key Features

  • Caster Wheels
  • Onetouch Collapsible Handle
  • 7-Position Height Adjustment
  • 19-inch steel cutting deck
  • Compact Stand Up Storage
  • 3 in 1 feature; mulches, bagging, and side discharge

WORX WG719 13 Amp 20" Electric Lawn Mower

The Wrox WG719 features a caster wheel with 3 in 1 function. The caster wheels add extra mobility in mowing time. Also, 3 in 1 capability allows mulching, bagging, and side discharge. 

Also, its steel deck provides every time premium mulching capacity. Its compact and folding handle design saves garage storage.

Motor Performance: 

The Wrox WG719 features a 13 sturdy motor. The motor combined with a 21-inch steel deck and provides your efficient, clean cut.

Extensions Cord:

Worx WG719 is another mower that doesn’t come with the extension cord. For it, 13 Amp moto Worx recommends 12 gauge cord for 50 feet and 10 gauge cord for 100 feet lawns.

Height Adjustments & Cut Quality: 

This mower comes with 7 different cutting height adjustment options for various conditions. For its height adjustment features its cuts little grass. However, maintain a beautiful green lawn cut the 1/3 or 1/4 inch at the top of your grass.

Its wider 21-inch deck saves your mowing time and provides a clean cut every time.

Grass Management: 

The Worx WG719 Mower features a 3-in-1 function that mulches, bags, and side discharges. Its 21-inch steel cutting deck provides excellent mulching capabilities.

Compact Design:

The mower weighs around 57 pounds, and its dimensions are 38.2 x 15 x 22.5 inches. It’s not ultra-lightweight like the other mower. Its 21-inch durable steel deck adds some extra weight.

Nevertheless, this is not a heavyweight mower. And it’s compact design and folds handle doesn’t take enough storage. You can easily store it in your garage corner.


One of the great features is its caster wheels. The caster wheels design provides extra mobility, easy to turn, and more efficient cut.

Products Specs

Dimensions38.2 x 15 x 22.5 inches
Weight57 Pounds
Deck Size17 Inches
Cutting Option7 Positions

4. Best For Medium Yards: Earthwise 50520 Reviews

Key Features

  • 12 AMP Electric Corded Mower
  • 20-Inch Steel Deck
  • 3-In-1 (Mulching, Side Discharge, and Rear Bag)
  • V shape handle
7 Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower: Reviews & Buying Guide [Update – 2022] 1

The Earthwise 50520 is an affordable and lightweight mower. Its 20-inch razor-sharp blade provides a clean, reliable cut every time. And this mower is ideal for small lawns.

Motor Performance:

It starts every time with just pressing the button and starts the mowing job. Its 120 V/60 Hz, 12-Amp motor has sufficient energy to cut the grass and tackle the toughest mowing jobs. The engine makes enough noise in your mowing time. Also, It is environment-friendly.

Extensions Cord:

For a 12 amp motor, my suggestion is to pick a 16 gauge rated cord. It is safe.

Cut Quality & Height Adjustments:

It has a 20-inch large cutting width with a single lever cutting height adjustment from 1.75 to 4 inches. The 20-inch steel blade cut all types of grass very efficiently.

Grass Collection and Discharge:

The 3-in-1 system allows you to switch between mulching, bagging, discharge. The mower mesh grass box seems useful, like other mowers. The grass box frame is made of a steel skeleton.

For a 3-in-1 feature, you can also choose side discharge or mulching. I’m delighted with its mulching feature. The mulch plug is very easy to on and off.

Compact Design:

The mower is not ultra-lightweight like other electric lawnmowers. The mower weighs 53 pounds.

This mower features an adjustable comfort ‘V’ handle with a cushion grip for ease of use. The Compact and slim frame with folding handles for secure storage and makes your mowing time more enjoyable. Also, a cord retention hook keeps the cord, that is safe while in use.


The 9.5″ rear and 7″ front wheels give the mower precise weight and balance for easy maneuverability and a neatly cut lawn.


The Earthwise 50520 gives 2 years manufacturer(American Lawn Mower Company) warranty.

Products Specs

Dimensions52 x 21 x 42 inches
Weight53 Pounds
Deck Size20 Inches
Cutting Option 1.75″ to 4 inches

Also Consider: Greenworks MO13B00

7 Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower: Reviews & Buying Guide [Update – 2022] 2

Currently, Earthwise 50520 lawn mower is unavailable. That’s why my suggestion is to pick a similar one, Greenworks MO13B00But I encourage you before buying any items always check all requirements. 

5. Best Inexpensive: Greenworks 25142 Review

Key Features

  • 10 AMP Motor
  • 16-Inch Steel Deck
  • 5-position Height Adjustment
  • Extension cord lock features

Greenworks 10 Amp 16-inch Corded Mower, 25142

I’m delighted with this 16-Inch 10 Amp Greenworks 25142 powerful Mower. Its powerful motor provides a clean cut every time. But it’s a 16-inch cutting path that only suitable for small-sized yards.

Motor Performance:

The mower feature a 10 amp 120 VOLT maintenance-free and environment-friendly motor. This powerful 10 amp motor delivers outstanding performance and handles the tough cutting and gives more mulching power.

Extensions Cord:

Like other electric mowers, it is also powered by an electrical outlet, and for its 10 amp motor 15 gauge extension cord is a great choice.

Height Adjustment & Cut Quality:

This mower features a one lever cutting height adjustment, and it’s easy to move up and down that’s an offer to adjust your preferred cutting height. It provides a 5 position of cutting height adjustment from 5/8-inch to 2-5/8-Inch for the perfect cut on all types of grass. 

The 16-Inch Durable cutting deck gets the mowing job done quicker and more efficiently. But the problem is it does not perform well in damp conditions and struggles while cutting the long grass.

Grass Collection and Discharge:

It has a 2-in-1 feature that provides mulching and rear discharge capabilities. You can easily choose one of them. But I think bagging is better than rear discharge.

Compact Design and folding handle:

It features foldable handles that make storage much more comfortable, and you can store it on the shelving unit shelf. One of the great features of this foldable handle is its extension cord with the cord lock feature. That gives more mobility in mowing time.


The 37 pounds lightweight GreenWorks is faster and easy to maneuver. Its compact design with the 7-inch rear wheel and 6-inch front wheels make it easy to mowing uneven terrain.


Greenworks provides you with an astounding 4-year repair warranty. If you maintain it carefully it will give you at least 5 years more service.

Products Specs

Dimensions28.4 x 15.75 x 20.3 inches
Weight37.5 Pounds
Deck Size16 Inch
Cutting Option5 Position

6. Best Mulching: Sun Joe MJ403E Mow Joe Review

Sun Joe MJ403E Mow Joe 17-Inch 13-Amp Electric Lawn Mower/Mulcher

Key Features

  • 13 AMP Electric Corded Mower
  • 17-Inch Steel Deck
  • It has 12 gallon rear bag detaches quickly dispose of clipping grass

Sun Joe MJ4O3E is a great tool for its mulching capability. It’s an eco-friendly mower. It features a powerful motor with a 17-inch wide path that easily tailors the grass in every harsh condition. This mower is suitable for ¼ – ½ acre.

Motor Performance:

The mower starts at a push of a button with no gas, oil, or tune-ups needed. It comes with a 13 Amp motor that provides sufficient power to revolving the 17-inch blades. The steel blades cut the grass very less time and efficiently.

Extensions Cord:

No power cable comes with this mower. For its 13 amps mower, rated 16 gauge cord is an excellent pick.

Height Adjustments & Cut Quality:

The mower has single lever 7 positions cutting height setting; that allows you to cut the grass at a different height. The 17-inch cutting deck cuts the grass quickly and makes the lawn neat.

Grass Collection and Discharge:

The mower features a 12-gallon rear bag that quickly disposes of clipping grass, or you can get into a mulching mower by removing the bag and allowing the grass clippings to insert back into your lawn.

Compact Design and Storage:

The compact design makes the mower lightweight. The mower weight is 29 lbs, and its dimensions are 55.1 x 19.7 x 43.3 inches. Its foldable handle saves garage storage.


The large back wheels and its lightweight design give the mower more mobility. These wheels are made of hard plastic that durable.


The mower comes with a full two-year warranty and a detachable grass collection bag.

Products Specs

BrandSun Joe
Dimensions55.1 x 19.7 x 43.3 inches
Weight31.5 Pounds
Deck Size17 Inches
Cutting Option7 Positions

7. Best For Uneven Ground: Greenworks 25112 Review

7 Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower: Reviews & Buying Guide [Update – 2022] 3

Key Features

  • 40V DUAL Battery-powered
  • 13 amp powerful mower
  • 7 positions single lever height adjustment
  • Larger rear and front wheel
  • 3 in 1 function

The GreenWorks 25112 is an incredible mower that features a 13 amp powerful motor combined with 21 inches durable steel cutting deck.

Motor Performance:

Compare to the other 13 Amp mower, it much much quiet and easy to operate. The motor appears to use only DC. The disadvantage of the Ac to DC conversation is only 805 efficient, and the other 20% is lost. Whatever, start this mower with a push button on the handlebar and ready to do its mowing job.

Extensions Cord: 

For 13 Amps motor, Greenworks recommend a 12 gauge cord for 50 feet and a 10 gauge cord for 100 feet lawns.

Height Adjustments & Cut Quality:

The 7 positions single lever height adjustment allows from 1.75 to 3.75 inches, cutting height. The 21-inch steel deck provides a reliable cut every time.

Grass Management: 

The mower has 3 in 1 option that allows choosing between rear bagging, mulching, and side discharge. The grass catcher bag is small, and you would have to stop and empty it frequently. 

On the other hand, side discharge mulching working well. Mulching is great for lawn health, and side discharge make your lawns neat.
And my suggestion is to try all three options and find which one is great for you.

Compact Design: 

The Greenworks 25112 is not lightweight like other electric lawnmowers. Its 53.1 lbs weigh too heavy for older men and women. But thanks to its compact design and foldable handle. It saves your garage storage and easy to carry.


The 10 inch rear and 7-inch front wheels give easy maneuverability in every strict condition.


The GreenWorks 2511 comes with a limited 4 years warranty.

Products Specs

Dimensions31.5 x 23.25 x 17.5 inches
Weight62.9 Pounds
Deck Size21 Inches
Cutting Option7 Positions

Corded Lawn Mower Buyer’s Guides

If you have difficulty understanding the various features of the Corded Electric Mower above I mentioned, this buying guide will help you know all the features. Also, I will add some questions and answers in this section so that you can easily select the best corded electric lawn mower that is ideal for you.

Corded Lawn Mowers Vs. Cordless Lawn Mowers; Which one Should I Take:

Corded Lawn Mowers:

Corded mowers are suitable for residential use and small and medium-size lawn. The most corded lawn mower comes with a compact and lightweight design, and it is an excellent option for older men and women. 

The mowers are much powerful, quiet, and they have unlimited run time. However, mobility is limited by the power cord length (50 feet to 100 feet).

Battery-Powered (Cordedless) Lawn Mowers:

Freedom of movement, you may prefer a cordless mower. They are also the most powerful mower that operates by reliable batteries. But they don’t have unlimited running time like the corded mower. They have around 60 to 90 minutes of running time.

Whatever, you can also use this mower for your small-sized lawn. But it’s not lightweight like a corded mower because the battery adds some weight and makes the mower heavier.

Which one should I take:

Both mowers use electricity to give them the power to propel them revolving blades. The significant difference is that the cordless mowers use battery power, and you need to charge the battery for hours before use.

Because of the flexibility of moving, you may prefer a cordless mower. But if your garden is small or medium-sized and the electrical connection is close to you, then you should have a corded mower. This mower offers the best in terms of price. And no need to charge the battery before use.

Push vs. self-propelled corded lawn mower: Which one Should I take?

Electric mowers are available in the push and self-propelled type. Both mowers have advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose only the right model by analyzing your needs.

How Does Push Lawn Mower Work?

Push mowers are driven by force. When you push the mower forward, the mower blades spin horizontally and cut the grass. It’s ideal for thick grass and small lawns. They are lightweight and need little maintenance after the end of every mowing season. But if you are old men/women please don’t buy it.

How Does Self-propelled Lawn Mower Work?

Self-propelled lawn mowers are work on a driven system; you’ll only need to control its direction. Self-propelled lawnmowers are ideal for medium and large-sized yards. They are not lightweight like push mowers because they have a motor, and it adds some weight and also needs more maintenance.

What is the benefit of a corded electric lawn mower?

Corded electric mowers are ideal for smaller yards, and they are budget-friendly than cordless mowers. Being a compact and lightweight design can easily be used by older men or women. Corded mowers are environment-friendly. They are reducing carbon because the engine requires no oil or gas. The engine powered by electricity, and they are much quieter.

For purchasing a corded mower, there are the seven most important things that should consider.

Why is the price essential to buy a lawn mower?

I think before buying any of the things you need to know your budget range.

The corded mowers are cheaper than the battery or gas-powered mowers. If you know your budget, then quickly pick one based on your needs.

Power Source: Extension cord of Lawn Mower

Without an extension cord, you can not start the mower. So, based on your yard size, you need to purchase an extension cord. For hassle-free moving, buy cable as much as you need.

Our suggestion is always to purchase a rated extension cord. To safely power the mower, look for an extension cord that matches the following criteria:

How to select the right gauge extension cord to power your electric lawn mower?

Corded mowers are required cord, and based on your mower amp rating, you need to pick the cable. Electric mowers generally come with 6 to 15 amps. You quickly find on the motor manual or a sticker or plate on the mower.

Generally, extension cord length is 50 to 100 feet. When you pick a cord, always remind the lower gauge number means more power can handle the mower over a long distance. See some extension cord types.

1. Under 10 amps – 16 gauge extension cord is best, and you can easily use it under 100 feet.

2. 11 to 13 amps – You need a minimum of 16 gauge for 50 feet and 14 gauge wire for 100 feet 

3. 14 to 15 amps – you need 15 gauge for 5o feet and 12 gauge for 100 feet.

If you’re interested in finding more about the extension cord, you can find it here.

Cutting Path

Generally, the electric mower cutting path is 14 inches to up to 20/21 inches.

The wider cutting path finishes your mowing job faster than a small cutting path. But the wider cutting deck is more expensive than a lower deck.

So based on your needs, choose a deck-sized.

Grass Management System

Generally, the corded mower has a 2-in-1 design (discharge and mulch), but some have 3-in-1 capabilities.

1. 2-in-1 mower design lets you spread your clippings over your lawn in one of two ways.

2. 3-in-1 mower design has one more feature than 2-in-1.In a 3-in-1 design, you will able to bag your clipping grass.

Safety of Corded Electric lawn mowers

Electric mowers are environment-friendly and easy to use. Just plug it into the outlet and start the mower. Through the corded mower is not dangerous; even so, our priority main is safety.

When you are ready to mow, please put on shoes for your legs (please avoid sandals) and take hand gloves. Though the electric mower is much quieter than the gas mower, you can even make a noise cancellation earplug to protect your ear from the sound.

If mowers blades are clogged, then please stop the engine and sharp the blades, and start the mow again. Makes sure that gloves cover your hand.

Always use a rated extension cord and never mowing your yard in rain time.

I hope these safety tips will help you with your mowing time. If you have any suggestions, then drop your opinion in our comments section.

Features of Corded Electric Lawn Mower

  • Never required oil or gas 
  • Lightweight and easy to push 
  • Environment and budget-friendly
  • 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 feature for grass clipping, bagging, or side discharge
  • Powerful motor that’s proved clean cut every time and make your lawns neat
  • Wheels add traction for mobility
  • Foldable save garage storage
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Ideal for small or medium-sized lawns. 

FAQ: Corded Electric Lawn Mower

In this section, I will answer some important questions that help to clear your all confusion.

Are Corded electric mowers better than gas mowers?

Gas-powered mowers are better for large lawns. With a corded mower, you won’t run the mower out of the power. And the significant restriction is cord length. It available only 50 to 100 feet. So if your lawn is around 1500 square feet, corded mowers are better for you.

How long do corded electric lawn mowers last?

With proper maintenance and usage, it lasts at least 8-11 years.

Can you cut wet grass with the electric mower?

Yes, you can cut the wet grass. But during the rainy seasons, my suggestion is don’t mow the yard.

Which is better corded or cordless lawn mower?

An electric outlet powers the corded mowers through an extension cord, so they have unlimited running time. On the other hand, cordless lawn mowers powered by battery power have around 60 to 90 minutes of running time.
So based on your yard size, you need to choose the mower. If your yard is small and can be mowed in less than an hour, you will buy a cordless mower.

How Often Should I Sharpen Lawn Mower’s Blade?

Before the start of the mowing season, you should sharpen your mower blades. Because sharp edges always provide efficient cut effortlessly and make your mowing time enjoyable.

Who Makes The Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower?


GreenWorks is not only a mower, but they also manufacture different types of tools that are usually used for home improvements like string trimmers, hedge trimmers, blowers, chainsaw, pressure washer, power tools, etc.
Usually, they make battery-powered mowers, and these are so powerful.

American Lawn Mower Company

American lawn mower company is popular for a push reel mower. They also make an “Earthwise” mower. Their main goal is to reduce carbon. The advantage of push mowers is they didn’t require oil or gas and didn’t need any spark plug. Also, They are great for exercise.

Sun Joe

Sun Joe is the best especially makes outdoor tools. They manufacture
Air Compressors
Chainsaws + Pole Saws
Cordless Sun Joe
Fire Pits + Bowls
Gardening Tools
Lawn Mowers
Leaf Blowers + Leaf
Pressure Washers
Refurbished Sun Joe
String Trimmers, Hedge
Trimmers + Lawn Edgers
Tillers, Rototillers +
Cultivators, etc.
These products are made in the USA, china, japan, Taiwan, and India.


Worx is one of the popular lawn mower brands. They also make power tools and lawn & garden tools.


Usually, Black+Dacker makes power tools and accessories, lawn and garden tools, cleaning equipment, and appliances; these are affordable and excellent for your home.


After comparing the mower features, specs, and price it might be still confusing if you are not a garden expert or professional. That’s why my suggestion picks a mower based on your need.

Follow these simple steps and pick the best corded electric lawn mower,

1. Identify the yard size
2. Know your budget
3. Narrow down the list
4. And picks one

Good specs and a budget-friendly corded mower makes you happy.

Also If you face any problems feel free to tell me, I would happy to help you.
Happy Gardening!

7 Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower: Reviews & Buying Guide [Update – 2022] 4