Best Riding Lawn Mower For Big Man

Best Riding Lawn Mower For Big Man 1

This is our review of the best riding lawn mower for the big man in 2023.

After researching hours of experience; based on the mower driver weight and mowing performance, we selected the craftsman t110 as the best riding mower for a big man for its affordable price tag, performance, durability, cutting, and operating, etc.

I’m Mohammad, working as a garden expert for the past couple of years. Today, I loved working in the garden and sharing tips with my friends.

Apart from this, all the lawns are not the same, and also craftsman t110 doesn’t perform well in all conditions. That is why we choose another 2 models for different lawn mowers.

And also we are adding 1 zero-turn lawn mower for the big man.

Let’s get started…

Quick Summary: What Are The Best Riding Lawn Mowers For Big Man?

Today we have lots of different lawn mowers and they offer the same spaces and features That is why my suggestion is always before choosing a lawn mower always knows your needs.

Anyway, we are making your choice easier.

We analyze 100 riding mowers and choose the 3 best riding mowers for you that make your mowing time easier than before. 

Sounds good?

For those who are in a hurry, especially for them, I’ve summarized some highlights of 3 best riding mowers for a tall man on the market.

Let’s see…

Top 3 Best Riding Lawn Mowers For Big Man Reviewed

All lawn mowers listed in the white papers research and provide an in-depth review.Before buying a mower always check that it meets all your requirements.

1. Craftsman T110 – Best Overall

Best Riding Lawn Mower For Big Man 2
Image: Lowes
  • Engine: Powerful 17.5HP Briggs and Stratton® single-cylinder engine delivers easy starting and superior performance
  • Stamped steel deck: Just stamped out of single pieces of steel and it is lighter than the fabricated deck.
  • Turf Saver wheels: Provide the excellent traction
  • Low-back seat: Adjustable headrest.
  • Mulching Kit: It converts your tractor or mower into a mulcher. 
  • Best for: 2 Acres flat with obstacles lawns

What We Like: Especially we are looking for a powerful riding lawn mower which is best for big men. Thanks to the craftsman T110 riding mower adjustable seat. It easily allows you to change your position and makes it more convenient.

The powerful 17.5HP single-cylinder engine provides enough power to propel the mower’s 42-inch blades and cut the grass like a pro.

Also, its 18-inch turning radius with Turf Saver wheels allows it to easily navigate around the obstacles. For better operating, this mower has 7-speed manual transmission.

Maintaining a better lawn, the mower features a side discharge, but it also allows the use of a mulching kit.

Who Should Buy It: This is the most powerful riding mower which comes with an affordable price tag. If you have a flat lawn with over 2 acres, then it is suitable for you.

2. Husqvarna YTH18542 – Premium Choice

Best Riding Lawn Mower For Big Man 3
Images: Lowes
  • Engine: 18.5 HP riggs and Stratton® Intek engine
  • Ergonomic steering wheel: Promote a neutral position for better comfort
  • Hydrostatic transmission: Provides better power transmission to remote areas, variable speed controlling, and breaking
  • Best for: 2 acres uneven terrain

What We Like: Star with 18.5 HP most powerful engine that provides enough power to tackle the hardest mowing task.

Highlight including a foot pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission allows you to change the speed and direction, which lets you keep both hands on the steering wheel for optimum driving control.

On the other hand, the mower has reverse mowing features with a simple turn of the switch. That is really appreciated for the mowing in the tiny space (flower bed).

Though the mower’s 16-inch turning radius allows you to mow in a tight space and navigate around the obstacles.

However, the mower features a 42 inch reinforced cutting deck with air introduction mowing technology and a dual anti-scalp wheel that is great for grass management.

For ensuring longevity, the mower offers 3 years of bumper to bumper warranty.

Who Should Buy It: If you have a flat to uneven terrain and really tried to work (as a big guy) on the lawn, the Husqvarna YTH18542 can help you get it done while barely breaking a sweat. (Yes, unfortunately, the mower doesn’t come with is a sun umbrella. )

3. EGO POWER+ ZT4204L – Best Zero-Turn Riding Mower For Big Man

Best Riding Lawn Mower For Big Man 4
Images: Lowes
  • Engine: 22 HP engine delivers power like a gas mower
  • Peak power technology: Combines the power of any two arc lithium batteries for long-running
  • Hydraulic seat suspension: For better comfort
  • Seat suspension: Adjustable
  • Best for: Flat to uneven terrain

What We Like: This easy-to-use ZTR mower packs with a most powerful 22 HP engine with a 42-inch big size deck. For ensuring quick and clean cutting, the deck has 2 blades with 10 position height setting.

The ZT4204L mower is powered by the 4 Ego arc batteries, where it holds up to the 6, 56V ARC batteries. For interrupting running time, the ego usage peak power technology that combined all battery power and ensuring the long run.

The 4 Ego 56V 10 ARC battery easily cuts up to 2 acres with a single charge.


However, the 4 independent brushless motor continuously delivers sufficient power and performance with an adjustable hydraulic seat suspension that offers comfortable mowing performance.

For customizing the ride, the mower features an LCD panel 3 driving mode. So based on the yard condition, you can easily set them with a simple finger touch.

And also this mower features a USB charging port, Bluetooth, and LED light for mowing in the dark.

Who Should Buy It: If you have 2 acres or more or run lawn care service, this powerful riding lawn mower could be the perfect addition to landscaping equipment.

How Did We pick?

For our top list of the best riding mowers for big men, we searched the marketplace and came across a wide variety of mowers and listed different models based on price, lawn types, and more.

We tried to find mowers that would be low maintenance, powerful, easy to use, and long-lasting. It takes too much time and constantly working on it to keep it going.

But odds are, if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money, you consider lots of features that make your mowing experience annoying.

All type of mowers are budget-friendly according to their specs and features, making them an excellent choice for anyone who wants to pick the best riding mower for landscaping.

Which Lawn Mower Is The Winner?

Our top pick is Craftsman T110. The mower comes with an affordable price tag with a powerful engine, 7-speed transmission, paired with its low-back comfortable seat (Helpful for tall man) and ensuring the long life it has 2 years limited warranty.

Choosing the right riding lawn mower for you and your yard doesn’t have to be rocket science. It’s easy. Just understand your needs and break the budget.

Hopefully, our guides help you narrow down your selection and pick the right one. Just keep your personal needs yard size and you should have no problem picking the best riding lawn mower for a big man.

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