How To Clean Lawn Mower (Step-by-Step Guide)

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If you regularly clean your lawn mower with these 7 following tips it will extend the lawn mower life cycle. Also, it helps to better maintain your mower. 

But a study says lots of people don’t know how to clean the mower right way. 

However, sometimes they use water for cleaning the machine and damage the mower engine. 

Well, in this guide we are going to show you a step-by-step process of how to clean your mower the right way.

Let’s delve in.

1. Clean the Engine of Your Lawn mower

Engine the powerhouse of the machine. Regular maintenance ensuring the mower longevity. To do the job correctly you need a garden hose reel, engine degreaser (Remove the excess grease), cold water, and brush. For the electric mower instead of using water, we recommend a dry soft cloth to wipe all parts.

Note: Don’t use an air compressor or blower for cleaning the engine. It will force the small pieces of debris into the inaccessible parts of the engine. 

Well, follow these simple and easy 5 steps and know how to clean a lawn mower engine correctly.

Step – 1: Turn off the mower and make sure all the moving parts are stopped and the engine is cold before starting the operation. 

Step – 2: Empty the gas/oil tank and disconnect the spark plug to prevent the accidental start. 

Step – 3: Carefully remove the engine screen and detach the blower housing.

Step -4: MowersLab experts recommend you instead of cleaning corroded plug replace them. It’ll take a few bucks on the hardware store.

Step – 5: Using an air compressor or a blower with a bristle brush to clean the radiator cooling fans, the flywheel fins. Also, you can use a jet of water to clean the radiator.

Step  – 6: Carefully clean the mower throttle, choke, and terminal on the battery.

Step – 7: Refill the fuel tank and connect the spark plug

After cleaning the mower we can expect the engine to run more efficiently than before. 

2. Cleaning the lawn mower carburetor

A dirty or clogged carburetor decreases the mower performance. Before cleaning the carburetor inspect it and if you find any sign of corrosion then we highly recommend you replace it instead of cleaning it.

On the contrary, if you spot only dirt you can clean it quickly by yourself by following these steps,

Step – 1: Separate all the parts of the carburetor and put them in a plastic bag with a carburetor cleaner. And set it at least one hour.

Step – 2: Use cold water to clean and rinse the existing water. 

Step – 3: Before reassembling dry the carburetor with an air dryer. 

How To Clean Lawn Mower Air Filter

3. Clean the Air Filter of Your Lawn mower

The mower comes with three types of air filters.

  1. Foam filters
  2. Paper filters
  3. Dual-element filters (Both foam and paper filters with pre-cleaner)

Well, MowersLab recommends you every 25 hours of mower usage you have to clean or replace the mower air filter.

Step – 1: Find the air filter and remove the cover.

Step – 2: Clean the dust around the air filter.

Step – 3: Use boiling water and liquid soap to cut the grease and dust. For the paper filter, we suggested you replace it.

Step – 4: Rinse the water and dry the air filter. 

Step – 5: Before reassembling make sure that the air filter is dry.

Expert Tip: Please don’t run your mower without an air filter. If you run there is a possibility of debris and other hard obstacles going into the engine and fully damaging it. 

How To Clean Lawn Mower (Step-by-Step Guide) 1

3. Clean the Engine Spark Plugs of Your Lawn mower

Spark plug helps to start the mower engine. A dirty spark is annoying and it prevents the mower from starting. 

You can clean the spark plug quickly by using a wire brush. [1]

Step – 1: Remove the spark plug and set it into the socket – Electrode ends up.

Step – 2: Spray the spark plug with a breaker cleaner and sit it for a few minutes

Step – 3: Scrub it with a wire brush or dry soft cloth. And repeat this process until removing all dirt. 

Step – 4: Using a spark plug gap tool – Gap the spark plug. 

Step – 5: Reinstall and reconnect it correctly. 

4. Clean a Fuel System of Your Lawn mower

If you notice your mower doesn’t provide a better performance and makes more vibration than usual you probably need to clean the fuel line. 

Step – 1: Make sure you disconnect the spark plug and stop all the moving parts. 

Step – 2: Drain the oil or gas from the gas tank.

Step – 3: Inspect the gas tank and if you spot any little hole or damage then don’t attempt to repair or clean it. Simply replace it. 

Step – 4: If you do not find anything like this, then start cleaning the fuel system by using an air hose with a nozzle. 

Step – 5: If you find any debris and other obstacles the air hose remove it and use a flashlight and make sure that there is no exiting obstacle and it can easily pass the oil.

How To Clean Lawn Mower (Step-by-Step Guide) 2

5. Clean the Deck of Your Lawn mower

The deck is one of the major parts of a lawn mower. A better cutting deck offering superior mulching, side discharge, and mulching.

The deck is housed under the mower and it is enclosed to the mower blade. For the normal aspect, you can not see the part. And you think it’s unnecessary to clean it. But a neat and clean mower deck helps you increase the mower overall performance.

When you’re mowing the yard every time some debris is stuck (grass finer) on the inside of the mower deck as well as mower blades which disable the efficient cut. 

Cleaning the mower deck it’s an easy process. Here’s how, 

Step – 1: Empty the gas tank and disconnect the spark plug

Step – 2: Stand the mower upside

Step – 3: Wash the deck parts using a garden hose, and also removing all the remaining debris. We recommend using hot soapy water and a brush. Brush will remove all grass debris easily.

Step -4: Rinse the water

Step – 5: Wait an hour to dry the mower deck and it’s ready to work. 

How To Clean Lawn Mower (Step-by-Step Guide) 3

7. Clean the Blades of Your Lawn mower

A clean and razor-sharp blade is a  crucial part of your mower. The process of cleaning the blades is easy and simple by using a strong jet of water.

Step – 1: Tilt the mower and make it easily accessible to the blades

Step – 2: Use strong jet water to remove the grass finer and other hard obstacles from the blade. 

Step – 3: If you need to pull out any debris by hand, please don’t forget to use working hand gloves and carefully remove the debris. 


Cleaning the lawn mower is not a hard or annoying task, it’s tricky work. But it will be full of benefits to extend the mower longevity. It’s not required to have an additional cost and also it’s not a lengthy process.

MowersLab experts recommend you clean your mower before starting and after ending the mowing season. 

On the other hand, if you provide lawn mowing service then clean it weekly. 

Did you enjoy our step-by-step guide on how to clean your mower?

If you found it is helpful for your friend and other family member don’t forget to share.

Happy gardening!

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