How To Clean Lawn Mower Air Filter – A Step-by-Step Guide 2020

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Clean lawn mower air filter is the part of lawn mower maintenance, and the air filter is one of the essential components of a lawn mower engine performance. A dirty air filter is dangerous for lawn mower, and sometimes it stops the machine, that’s very annoying. If you want a high-performance lawn mower, then clean the air filter frequently. 

You can clean the lawn mower air filters with boiling water and liquid soap. A clean lawn mower air filter prevents dust and dirt from entering and wearing out the engine. It will destroy the lawn mower’s engine if the dust or dirt clogged with the filter and got into the carburettor. 

Types Of Lawn Mowers Air Filters

There are a few types of air filters available. But we use only three types of air filters.

  1. Foam filters
  2. Paper filters
  3. Dual-element filters 

But the best is dual-elements filters that have offered both foam and paper protection. It also features pre-cleaner elements and primary elements. It has a longer life than the other two filters, but you need to pay extra for it.

How do you check a lawn mower air filter?

A lawn mower air filter is usually located near the top or side of the engine. But if you did not find or understand where it’s located, then please check out the owner’s manual of your specific lawn mower model. I hope it will help you find out the air filters.


The air filters are usually encased within a metal or plastic shroud secured by a screw or snaps fittings. Now remove the screw or snaps fitting. Then inspect it to see its condition. If it is overly oily or dirty, then definitely clean or replace it.


Follow the simple 5 Step to Clean A Lawn Mower Filter 

1. Disconnect the spark plug

Make sure that your lawn mower stops and disconnect the spark plug. Next, unscrew the housing where the air filter is located.


2. Clean the air filter

Once removed from the filter housing, pull out and wash the air filter in boiling water with liquid soap. These two-ingredient helps to cut the grease and dust. Check there is no grease or dirt and rinsing the air filter. Also, drain the water as much as possible, and dry it.


3. Use a bit of motor oil or grease.

Double-check and make sure that the filter is dry. Then you squeeze a bit of motor oil or use a grease. Never use not too much because too much oil or grease can be harmful to the exhaust.


4. Inspect The Rubber Gasket Dust

Inspect and clean the rubber gasket and make sure there is no exiting dirt or debris after your cleaning. Because dirt or debris prevents holding a tight seal if it is not sealed tightly, the dust is entering the engine, and the engine is worn out quickly.


5. Replace The Air Filter

Now replace the filter’s original position and covered it with the screw or snaps fitting. Never run your mower without any air filter and also don’t try to clean the paper filters. The best is to go with the fresh one.


Maintenance different type of lawn mower air filter

Maintenance of a lawn mower air filter is the most important thing for engine performance. There are two common types of air filters available in the market.


1. The Disposable Air Filter

The disposable air filter made for a brief-term usage that’s typically effective for between one and three months and after that time use it will become too clogged with dust, dirt, and debris to function efficiently.


But you can also clean it with a short air compressor. But advice is to go ahead with a fresh one and throw the old one.

2. The Reusable Air Filter

We also know the reusable air filter is the washable filter, which is ten times more efficient than the standard disposable filters. It prevents up to 94% dust. It’s the best option in the long run. When is it too much dirty, then remove and wash it. After back it to the original position and start the mowing.  

How to replace the lawn mower with air filter

If the air filter is too dirty and unable to clean or the previous one is disposable, then it’s time to replace it with the fresh one. It’s not a hard task, and even you can do it at your garage. Follow this step-by-step process:


  1. Disconnect the spark plug
  2. Find the air filter location and remove the screw of the air filter housing
  3. The pull out the air filters. For the paper filter, if you see oil and dust overly and it uses at least two months, then it’s time to replace. For a foam filter, if it has telltale brown or yellow staining, that shows its time to replace it.
  4. Look at the pre-filters (some lawn mower manufacturer equipped it). The pre-filters always made by foam. Double-check it and see if it becomes stiff, brittle, or stained, please replace it.
  5. Use a dry cloth to clean the air filter housing(always using soft things that cannot damage it) and ensure there is no dust. And never use compressed air because it forces the dirt or debris down the throat of the lawn mower’s carburetor.
  6. Replace the filters into the original position and cover it with the screw or snaps fitting.
  7. Never force or create lots of pressure. It will assemble automatically. If it is not, that means probably you making a mistake. Then recheck everything and do it correctly. 




Clean lawn mower air filter is the part of lawn mower maintenance. You probably buy a high-performance lawn mower, and if you are not maintaining it properly, you could not use it for a long time. That’s why my recommendation is after 25 hours of mowing; you should check the air filters condition.


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