Lawn Boy Lawn Mower Oil Type – What Type Is Safe to Use?

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Lawn boy lawn mower oil is a type of oil that is specifically made to help keep your lawn mower running smoothly. This type of oil is specifically designed to resist clogging and reduces the amount of time it takes for your lawn mower to start up again. So what types of oil are safe for your lawn boy lawn mower?

Based on the lawn boy 4 cycle engine the SAW-3O engine oil is the best choice for your lawn boy lawn mower. Because the engine was specifically designed to meet the toughest requirements of the SAE 30 classification. The Lawn-Boy engine oil passed the strictest requirements in thousands of hours of testing and is made with superior ingredients that make it a top performer. Thanks to its unique formulation, the Lawn-Boy engine oil provides excellent performance and long-lasting protection for your engine.

Types of Lawn Boy Lawn Mower Engine

There are many types of lawn boy lawn mower engines. Almost all lawn boy lawn mowers use a two-stroke engine. Basically, they are using Briggs and Stratton engines, Kohler engines, and honda engines.

After spending a day we are choosing the right oil for your lawn boy’s lawn mower engine.

Briggs and Stratton Engine Oil

Briggs and Stratton Is the Most Reliable Engine for Lawn Mowers. but The Drawback Is, that It Required Different Types of Oil Based on The Weather.

  • SAE 30 oil best for – 4-cycle engine and temperature 40°-100° f temperatures
  • SAE 10 w-30 oil is best for – the winter season
  • SAE 5 w-30 motor oil is best for – 40° to +120° f temperature

Kohler Engine Oil

Every type of engine, but it’s also important to use the correct weight oil for the temperature range in your region. For engines that will be operated in temperatures that are close to average, SAE 10W-30 is a good choice. However, if the temperatures fall below 0 degrees Celsius, you should quickly turn to a heavier weight oil, like SAE 30 or 40. Using the incorrect weight oil can cause damage to your engine and may even lead to complete failure.

Honda Engine Oil

Honda engines are some of the most popular options on the market. They come in a variety of types, including GX120, GX200, and GX160 engines. These 4-stroke engines ideally need SAE 10W-30 engine oil to run properly and protect against wear and tear.

How Much Oil Does a Lawn-Boy Mower Hold?

Oil requirement varies for different brands and models. It primarily depends on the size of the engine. For example, a lawnmower with a small engine will only require 1 quart of oil, while a tractor may need up to 10 quarts. 

If you need to replace the oil in a lawn-boy mower, it will hold 20 fluid ounces of oil. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for the specific requirements of your model. Many factors can affect how much oil your machine needs, including climate and driving habits. 

Always use the type of oil specified in your owner’s manual. You can usually find this information on the product label or on the company website. Using an incorrect type of oil can damage your engine and void your warranty.


In conclusion, it is important to know what type of oil is safe to use in your lawn boy lawn mower. They are using three types of engines. So we recommend you based on the engine types and temperature choose the best one. 

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