Lawn-boy 17734 Gas Powered Lawn Mower Review – Best Mowing Performance Ever!

Lawn boy is a well known manufacturer in USA. They made most reliable lawn mower that ensure effortless clean cut every time.

In this review, we are featuring Lawn-boy 17734 that is ideal for small to medium-sized yards and easy to use.

Lawn-boy 17734 Lawn Mower Review

Lawn-Boy 17734 is 21 inches powerful, well-engineered, reliable, and affordable electric self-propelled lawn mower.

For it 72 pounds weights Lawn-boy 17734 is exactly not a heavy-duty lawn mower, it is a well-engineered gas-powered lawn mower and specially designed for small to medium-sized yards.

It features a powerful Kohler XTX OVH engine with 21 inches wider cutting path, that saves your time and provides every time reliable and clean cut. It has a 21-inch tri-cutting system with 2 points height of a cut system that allows quickly adjust cutting heights from one side of the mower. This mower also features a 3-in-1 discharge ability. It helps to choose between mulching, bagging, or side discharge.

Lawn-Boy 17734 Key Features

  • Kohler XTX 1499CC Engine
  • 21 Inch wider cutting path
  • Electric start lawn mower
  • Rear-wheel drive system
  • Two-point height-of-cut system for quick height adjusting from one side of the mower
  • Height adjustment ranges from 1 to 1/4 to 3 to 3/4 inches
  • 72 pounds’ weight
  • Dimensions: 40.5 x 22 x 38 inches
  • CARB compliant for California
  • 3-year Tru-Start Commitment – starts with 1 or 2 pulls or Lawn-Boy will fix it for free
  • 2-year warranty for all components


Lawn-boy 17734 featuring a 4 stroke Kohler 149cc XTX OVH engine. The XTX OVH engine has an acceptable 6.5 ft/lbs of gross torque, fine for fine-tuning grass regularly. The XTX engine has commercial-grade features that are reliable, easy to use, and maintain. One of the prominent features of the XTX engine is this engine performance is not dependent on the weather like the honda engine, the engine provides the same performance in winter or summer both seasons.

I’m fully impressed with its easy-starting capability. It starts (powered by a rechargeable battery) every time with a turning key and ready for the mowing job. If you face any problem with the electric start function, you can go with its alternative pull cord function.

This mower engine is powered by gas, which is less quiet and vibration. And also Lawn-boy using Carb compliant technology to follow environmental standards.

For a 4 stroke 149cc engine, there is no need to mix the oil with fuel the opposite to a 2-stroke.

For its powerful 4 strokes, 149cc gas-powered engine produces sufficient power to spin the 21-inch blades and provide a clean cut every time.

Cut Quality and Height Changing Options

The Lawn-boy 17734 comes with a durable 21-inch steel deck. For the blades, the lawn-boy uses tri-cutting technology. The Tri-cut blades have some advanced features of cutting, mulching, and shifting.

The Tri-cut 21-inch sharp steel blades combined with the powerful engine mower and provide clean cut every time. Its one side two points height change allows you to cut the grass in different height (1-¼ inch to 3- ¾ inch).

Note: Wet grass or leaves can cause serious injury if you slip and contact the blade. Mow only in dry conditions.

Grass Management

The Lawn-boy comes with 3-in-1 discharge ability that allows you to choose between mulching, bagging, and side discharge.

And also Lawn has 18.6 gallons of a strong fabric grass collection bag. It easy to attach the mower.

However, with the 3-in-1 features, you can also choose to mulch and side discharge. Mulching is good for the soil. It provides natural nutrients for the soil.

And also side discharge is the most common and easiest way to discharge the grass debris.

Easy of use

Its compact and well-engineered design helps easily to operate the mower. Lawn-boy was designed with ease of use in mind, which is clear by its electric staring options and one lever height change features. This one lever allows you to change the cutting height and mower wheels height at the same time.

It has an adjustable handle. If you’re a six feet height person, you can easily mow with it without bending forward. Also, the mower doesn’t require any oil. Its 21-inch cutting deck gives a wider cutting path and efficient cut. Its superior grass management system has 3-in-1 discharge ability, just mind-blowing. Also, it has a larger rear wheel (8 inches) and a smaller front wheel (7 inches) for better stability in every mowing condition.


Lawn-boy is not a heavy-duty mower, this mower is designed to enhance your mowing experience in every condition. Measuring the dimensions 40.50 x 22.30 x 37.70 inches, it is one of the compact gas-powered lawn mowers I have ever seen.

Despite its 21-inch steel deck, it weighs 72 pounds that can easily handle young girls or 45 to 50 plus age women. But if you are an elderly homeowner, then I would not encourage you to buying it.

Unlike the other traditional mower, this mower did not come with a red color, this mower comes with a bright green color. It also comes with an adjustable handle and change cutting height features. If you are a tall or a short man, you can easily change the handle height also 2 points cutting height.


For maneuverability, Lawn-Boy 17734 is one of the best walk-behind mowers. It is a rear-wheel-drive self-propelled lawn mower. It has 7″ (17.75 cm) front / 8″ (20.3 cm) rear wheels provide better traction and control every mowing condition.

With it, one lever height adjustment features allow easily changing the height of the wheel’s flat or uneven grounds. This mower is made for residential use, and my advice is please don’t use steep slopes.


Being a gas-powered lawn mower it’s not easy to maintenance. Might be its adds some maintained cost. With the proper maintenance, it will extend the mower lifetime. Here I include some exclusive maintenance tips:

  • Before start, the mowing checks the battery life for electric start and gas level.
  • After 25 hours of usage, time clean the air filter
  • Before staring mowing season sharpening the mower blades.
  • After done the mowing job clean the mower deck

Special Features

The Lawn-boy 17734 comes with fully packed features. Hopefully, you will be impressed with every feature of this. Its electric start XTX 149cc OVH engine combined with 21-inch tri-cut steel blades that provides efficient and clean cut every time. It is very easy to operate and control the mower speed. Another outstanding feature is the big rear wheel and grass collection bag. It also has a 3-in-1 discharge ability.

There are lots of gas-powered self-propels available in the market but none of them pleases me, some of the high price and some of the budget-friendly but fewer features. But the Lawn-boy 17734 is an affordable mower and fully packed with features.


Safety features are the major important things of every lawn mower. Lawn-boy is an electric start gas-powered lawn mower. Its powerful XTX engine rotates the 21-inch steel blades. It starts every time with a turning key which can be kept from the children. For maintenance always turn off the mower and remove the spark plug.

Cost Effectiveness

When it comes to the price, I compared to the other gas-power mower, and saw the Lawn-boy 17734 has a few extra options, namely its electric start options, rear-wheel self-propelled drive system, even it CARB compliant.

Taking a quick look at some cost-effective features; Its 3-in-1 mowing options features mulching, side discharge, or bagging. Mulching is the best option that provides free fertilization, and the other is Tri-cut. The Tri-cutting features sliced the grass sufficiently and prevented the lawn from the weeds. So you don’t need to invest in a weed wacker.

Considering everything finally, I will tell you it’s the best inexpensive walk behind a lawn mower.

What In The Box

The box of the mower contains the following items;

  • Pre-assembled mower
  • A foldable handlebar
  • A stating key
  • A battery charger
  • Grass collection bag
  • Lawn-Boy 4 cycle oil
  • A user manual

Final Verdict: Should You Buy Lawn-Boy 17734?

To be honest, I’ve found the Lawn-Boy 17734 ideal for average or small o.5 acre to 1-acre lawns with flat or hilly. It is best for residential use, not commercial and it is affordable. It’s very easy to use and you need low maintenance. Its compact design saves your garage storage. Also, it’s Tri-cut system prevents your lawn from weeds.

It comes with a 3-Year Tru-Start Commitment and 2-year no-worry warranty. That means if you have any problem with it, just go to the Lawn-Boy service center and they will solve the problem.

Considering everything, my simple answer is to buy it, if you have smaller laws.


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