John Deere X590 Problems: 9 Proven Ways to Fix Them

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John Deere’s X590 problems are becoming more common as farmers face difficult times. The tractor has many desirable features, but some issues can be costly and time-consuming to fix. So, what are the most common John Deere X590 problems and solutions?

Here are the 9 most common problems of the john deere x590

  1. The engine will not start – no crank
  2. Engine cranks but will not start but sometimes hard to start
  3. Engine overheats
  4. Engine runs unevenly
  5. Transmission issues
  6. Steering problem
  7. Hydraulic lift issue
  8. Uneven cutting issue
  9. Discharge chute plugged

9 Most Common Problems of The John Deere X590 and How To Fix Them

Here we are describing the nine most common X590 mower problems and their solutions.

1. Engine Will Not Start – No Crank

I’m surprised when several consumers complain the John Deere X590 mower won’t start, and no crank as well.

The John Deere X590 will not start and has no crank because of lawn mower brackpedal is not depressed, PTO is engaged, defective brake switch, mower engagement switch, or key switch, or might be some electrical problems.

Quick Fix:

Depressed Brake Pedal: Check the mower bake pedal; if it is not engaged, engaged is because depressing, the brake pedal slows or stops the engine.

Engage PTO: PTO stands for power take-off. And The PTO shaft is an effective way of transferring mechanical power from tractor implements to farm equipment. So if your PTO is engaged, the lawn mower won’t crank. Make sure it’s neutral, and try to start the mower.

Defective Brake Switch: The brake switch is on the brake pedal assembly and is used to activate the brake lights. The controller has a four-pronged plug with a push-button on top. Inside, the base of the switch has two sets of contacts. One set completes the circuit when the button is depressed, and the other set sends power to the brake lights when the pedal is depressed.

Electrical Problem: Most of the time, I can see the lawn mower battery has no charge or the cable is broken or damaged. Recharge the starter battery and inspect the power cable to fix these issues. If you find any broken line replace it.

2. Engine Cranks But Will Not Start But Sometimes Hard to Start

The engine cranks but will not start directly, showing the tractor spark plug is loose or disconnected, or no fuel or dirty fuel filter. Conversely, sometimes hard to start means the engine oil velocity is not enough or the electric connection is the loose, or faulty spark plug.

Quick Fix:

Spark Plug: check the spark plug connection. If it has a loose connection, then tighten it. If it you see a spark plug is broken, replace it, and if you find a dirty spark plug, clean it.

Fuel: Check the fuel level. If you see the fuel level is below the dipstick mark, refill it.

Dirty Fuel Filter: Dirty fuel filter decreases the oil delivery, and the engine does not get sufficient oil. For this reason, the engine cranks but does not start. So if you find the dirty fuel filter, clean it asap.

3. Engine Overheats

John Deere x590 engine overheating showed the dirty or misadjusted cooling/radiator fans that can’t take the intake of air. Another fact is oil level is too low, or the engine runs too long at a slow idle speed.

Quick Fix:

Cooling/Radiator Fans: Inspect the cooling/radiator fans 1st. If you find it messy, clean it asap.

Oil Level: Too high or too low oil level causes the engine overheating issue. So check the oil level and pour the quality of oil to the right level. And make sure the oil grader and velocity are suitable for this lawn tractor.

Slow Idle Speed: If you start the tractor and make it neutral, it might cause an engine heating issue. Instead, you stop the tractor or run it at the lower level.

4. Engine Runs Unevenly

One of the main reasons is that the engine runs unevenly, the engine overheating issue mentioned above. And the others are dirty fuel lines or loose electrical wires.

Quick Fix:

Dirty Fuel Line: Inspect the fuel line. If you found the fuel line is dirty, then clean it asap.

Loose Electrical Connection: Check the wires; if you find any broken or loose wires, fix these issues.

5. Transmission Issues

John Deere x590 transmission shows the sudden engine stops or gear stuck. It is one of the most challenging issues for this mower.

Quick Fix:

Sudden Engine Stops: It is too much annoying. To solve the issues, put on the hand gloves, and inspect the transmission drive belt; it is on the lower deck of the tractor. Suppose the drive belt is stuck with stones or other; clear them out. And make sure that all of it is on the pulley. Once everything is ok, the machine will start again.

Gear Stuck: When the transmission bearing does not fit with the teeth of the gear, it causes the gear to get stuck. And you cannot change the gear. For this issue, I recommend hiring a professional; unless you’re not experienced with the gearbox, don’t mess with it.

6. Steering Wheel Problem

If you have been experiencing difficulty steering your John Deere lawn tractor, it may be because of a bolt that has come loose or tight steering, or slipped steering gear that has become worn.

We can fix relatively quickly these problems and should not require a lot of experience or specialized tools. The first step is to identify the source of the problem and then take the steps to correct it.

Quick Fix:

Loose or Tighten Steering: Check the steering bolt at the sector plate. If it’s loose, then tight, or if it’s tight, lose the right way.

Slipped Steering Gear: It dislodged the gearbox. Hire a professional if you don’t know how to work with a gearbox.

7. Hydraulic Lift Issue

Hydraulic lift issues have come up repeatedly in recent years, with some amusement parks resorting to using human power to get guests onto attractions. It comes at a cost, as hydraulic lifts are often expensive and require regular maintenance.

The hydraulic lift issue indicates that the tractor has a loader or backhoe problem or cannot maintain the hydraulic motor speed; the hydraulic valve stops raising or lowering the implement.

Quick Fix:

Loader Problem: The bottom army loader may not rise or rise slowly or have low oil flow from the pump. Inspect the issues and ask professionals for help.

Backhoe Problem: If the backhoe boom doesn’t rise or rise slowly, the boom and bucket are overloaded. Or, if the cylinder shaft is bent, there is low relief valve pressure, and the pressure pump may be damaged.

Hydraulic Motor Speed: To fix this issue, connect the hydraulic motor to a 300 Series SVI with a compensator valve to control pressure variation. And adjust the oil flow will keep it prevent overheating issues.

Hydraulic Valve: Inspect the tractor SCV and check the hydraulic tip 1st. If the male or female couple is damaged in case, you can’t fix it. You were looking for your nearest John Deere repair shop.

8. Uneven Cutting Issue

When the tractor provides an uneven cut, it means the deck does not level properly, dull blades, tire pressure is unequal, or the wheel adjusts incorrectly.

Quick Fix:

Level the Tractor Deck: Stop the engine and remove the ignition key. Check the tire pressure and make sure tire pressure is equal. Then measure the height of the blade. If they are not the same, turn the light link nut counter wise or clockwise to adjust the deck.

Dull Blades: Dull blades always provide uneven cuts. For better performance, we recommend experts sharpen your lawn mower blades every 25 hours of usage.

Tire Pressure: Check the tire pressure. If the tire is not inflated at the recommended pressure, ensure all tires have equal pressure. It also prevents uneven cuts.

Wheel Adjustment: Move the tractor to the surface level. And measure the wheel height. If wheels are not adjusted, then make all-wheel has recommended same height.

9. Discharge Chute Plugged

And another big problem is plugged discharge chute. It directly mentioned that the tractor engine has lower RPM, the grass is too long or wet, or the belt is installed incorrectly.

Quick Fix:

Lower Engine RPM: Lower RPM indicates a dirty air filter or low oil pressure. So clean or replace the air filter and check the oil level. If it is too low, refill it.

Grass: If the grass is wet, wait for it and mow it. Conversely, if the grass height is too long, set the maximum cutting height for the starting working.

Belt Installed Incorrectly: Stop the mower and inspect the belt at the lower deck. If the belt was installed incorrectly, read the tractor manual and install it correctly.

John Deere X590 Maintenance

John Deere X590 is one of the world’s most popular brands of tractors. Because of this, many John Deere maintenance tips can help keep your tractor running smoothly. Here are five tips for keeping your John Deere tractor running like new:

  • Always check the oil level and replace it as needed.
  • Check the spark plugs and replace them as needed.
  • Clean and lubricate the chain and sprockets regularly.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated. Over-inflating can cause your tractor to lose power and lead to blowouts.
  • Inspect your engine regularly for signs of wear or tear.

Is John Deere X590 Worth Buy?

John Deere’s X590 farm tractor is a powerful machine that can handle most tasks on a farm. However, there are some things to consider before purchasing this tractor. First, is the price worth it? Second, what features are important to you? Third, is the size of the tractor enough for your needs? Fourth, how reliable is John Deere’s X590? Finally, is there another tractor brand that would be better suited for your needs?


How Much Weight Can a John Deere X590 Pull?

John Deere has always been known for their powerful tractors, and the X590 is no exception. This machine can pull a lot of weight, making it an excellent choice for farmers and ranchers. The X590 can pull up to 12,000 pounds.

How Much Does a John Deere X590 Weight?

The John Deere X590 is a powerful tractor that can handle a lot of work. It weighs around 654 lbs 296 kg, which is heavier than most tractors on the market. This weight makes the X590 challenging to move around, but it’s worth it if you need a powerful machine that can handle a lot of work.

How Much Oil Does a John Deere X590 Take?

The John Deere X590 is a large tractor with a powerful engine that can pull heavy loads. It means that it requires a lot of oil to operate effectively. The manufacturer recommends using 5W-30, 2.1 qts 2.0 L Motor oil in this tractor.

Who Makes the Engine for John Deere X590?

Kawasaki made the engine for John Deere x590. Its air-cooled V-Twins have 54 horsepower, while the X584 and X590 have a 62 horsepower engine. Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Japan make the engines for these tractors.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, there seem to be several issues with the John Deere X590 tractor. Some owners have had problems with the engine, hydraulics, and other systems. While John Deere has been working to address these issues, it is essential to be aware of them before purchasing this tractor. If you decide to buy an X590, take it for a test drive and have the dealer look it over carefully before signing any paperwork.

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