GreenWorks 25112 Review – Should You Get It?

GreenWorks 25112 Review

Be aware of our environment and economical value, today I review GreenWorks 25112 21 inches 13 Amp corded electric lawn mower from the GreenWorks. For its deck-sized and superior performance, they recommend this mower is perfect for small to mid-sized yards. When I test this mower especially looked,

  • Performance & Cut quality
  • Usability
  • Grass management
  • Design
  • Cost-effectiveness and other essential things

So, let’s dig into the GreenWorks 25112 review and see what’s the advantage and what’s the disadvantage, who should buy it, and who shouldn’t.

This is an incredible mower that comes with a reasonable price and offers value for money. The mower razor-sharp blade always provides a clean and efficient cut. Alongside the 3 in one function has superior grass management features. Overall it is well worth the money.

Performance and Cut Quality


The mower comes with a 13 Amp motor which has a no-load speed of 3600±180 RPM and it can take 120 V AC, 60 Hz, 13 A electricity. The motor has sufficient power to cut the grass, but as a 13 amp engine, you won’t stripe your lawn multiple times.

In my experience, the motor is quieter and the earplug isn’t needed for this machine but it depends on the person.

Cut Quality & Options

The mower features a 21-inch deck with a 19.5-inch blade size that offers superior cut quality. And also, the motor propels the blades approx 19000 feet per second which is enough power to cut all types of grass.

Also, for a great cut, the mower has a single point 7 position height adjustment option. The 7 position height setting allows you to cut the grass at 1 – 3/4—3 – 3/4 inches.

For the tall grasses always set the highest cutting option and frequently reduce it. If you set the lower height, there is the possibility of clogging the blade. So if you want to cut the tall grass like a pro, then always set the lower height.

Wet condition

Being an electric corded mower, I don’t recommend you mow in wet conditions. Also, there is a problem, wet grass sticking the mower blade underside the mower. But overall, the mower is doing well in this condition.

Grass Types

The 13 Amp motor produces a high amount of torque to cut every type of grass – whether they are thick, tall, or short. Furthermore, the blade is made of strong steel, that can produce decent quality cuts even and its 21-inch deck cuts a good amount of grass each passes.

Lawn Types

In my research, the mower performs well in the flat yards than the hilly or uneven terrain. It drops performance in hilly conditions and can not provide excellent cuts like the flat yard.

Easy Of Use


As a corded lawn mower, the extension cord plug in a separate electrical outlet.

It every time started with the electric push-button, no pull cord or spark plug required. The push-button housing on the right side of the handlebar. To start the mower, pull the bail switch upward and it is ready to mow. To stop the mower just release the bail switch. The bail switch is also found on the right side of this handle mower.

Driven System

The 25112 is not a self-propelled mower. It’s an electric start push mower. For its push-driven system, the mower comes with a compact and lightweight design and also easy to push.

Running Time

Being an electric corded mower, it has unlimited running time with a limited area. The corded lawn mower running area is almost 100 feet radius. For the mid-sized lawn, you need to set up multiple outlets in the lawn area.

Extension cord

The mower doesn’t come with an electric extension cable. For its 13 amp motor, GreenWorks recommend always purchasing a related Gauge highlight extension cable. I add a chart below, this will helps you to know the length and power of the extension cable

  • For a 50′ (15 m) cord, use 16 AWG
  • For a 100′ (30 m) cord, use 14 AWG
  • For a 150′ (45 m) cord, use 12 AWG

And for better mowing and mobility, it has an extension cord retainer feature that helps keep this cord in the right position.


Mower Appearance

As usual, the electric mower comes with a compact design. At the first glance, the mower has an adjustable handlebar with 2 big rear wheels. But it is not so big. As a push electric lawn mower, GreenWorks makes it lightweight and its signature neon color provides a better appearance in mowing time.

Build Quality

GreenWorks is a highly reputable outdoor power tool manufacturer in the USA. They always use the best material in their products. In my research, they build the mower deck and the blade with strong steel that is hard to break in as usual condition.


The mower offers an adjustable handlebar for a better lawn mowing experience. With it, both side cam-lock features help to tighten the upper and lower handlebar and lock it in your recommended height.

Grass Management

When it comes to the grass management system, then the mower has an excellent 3 in 1 feature that allows choosing between mulching, side discharge, and bagging.

Mulching and side discharge

The mower doesn’t come with a pre-installed mulch plug. When you want to mulch over the lawn, then you have to remove the rear bag and install the mulch plug. Mulching helps to maintain a healthy lawn and also get back the natural nutrition in the soil.

Well, it also offers a side discharge. If you notice the mower provides poor cut quality and the blade is slowing is mulching time then my advice is to choose the discharge option and increases the mowing speed.

Grass catcher bag

If you love to see a nice-looking lawn, bagging is an option for you. Simply remove the mulch plug and install the grass catcher bag. It collects all grass clipping efficiently and provides a gorgeous appearance. Its rear bagging capacity is good enough to cut a small lawn without empty the bag. But in mowing the grass clippings add some weight and if you feel too heavy for you then empty the bag and start the more again.



The mower’s total weight is 53.1 lbs with an empty grass collection bag. 53.1 lbs are not extremely lightweight but it is easy to push on the flat yard. But if your yard is hilly or uneven ground then you need to go with an electric self-propelled lawn mower.


For better maneuver, the mower has 7-inch front and 10 inch rear wheels. The larger rear wheels offer easy to maneuver on the ground slopes and help to cut the grass every corner of the lawn.

Cutting Deck

A large cutting swath offers to finish the mowing job quickly and cuts a huge amount of grass on each pass. The mower has a 21-inch cutting path. It is the most common cutting path. For its 13 amp, a powerful motor cuts the grass faster and helps clean your lawn quickly.



The mower comes with a 4 years tool warranty. It has a decent warranty period that ensures the mower comes with a high-quality feature and superior performance. 4 years warranty period, if you don’t break, damage, or burn out any parts then the warranty is applicable. And they will replace these parts.


As I mentioned, the mower deck and blades are made of durable steel that is tough to break in the ground. The GreenWorks packs this mower with a durable motor and also they provide a 4 years warranty offer free parts replacement.


GreenWorks 25112 required a little maintenance. For its maintenance no need to hire mower experts. Follow these simple steps and maintenance your mower like a pro

  1. In the winter season always store your mower indoor, in a dry and cool place
  2. Always use a lawn mower cover, it protects the mower from the dust
  3. Before starting each mowing season always check the blade quality
  4. Never use the damaged power cord
  5. For the compact storage capacity fold the handlebar

What is in the box?

  • Lawn mower
  • Mulching plug
  • Side discharge chute
  • Grass catcher bag
  • Owner’s Manual

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Mower?

As a corded electric mower, the machine, powered by an extension cable. If your yard is more than 100 feet in radius then I will suggest you add another separate circuit board for the mower. Probably it is costly. Whatever, if your yard is hilly or uneven then don’t buy it. Also, it is not ideal for a large-sized lawn.

Who Should Buy This Mower?

The GreenWorks 25112 is suitable for small flat yards. On the flat types of lawns, the mower works like a beast. And also, some people complain the mower cut their plastic bottle.

Sounds like crazy?

Overall, the mower is a perfect choice for a small-sized, whether the greenworks says they make this mower for small to mid lawns. But I don’t encourage you to purchase this mower for a mid-sized lawn. But if you are on a tight budget then probably you can buy it. Also, I highly recommend this mower for a small-sized lawn.

Final Words – GreenWorks 25112 Review

Greenworks 25112

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