Greenworks 25012 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower Review

Greenworks 25012 mower review

GreenWorks 25012 eclectic corded mower from GreenWorks. It’s a very popular American outdoor power tool manufacturer. They are not only making lawn mowers but also making string trimmer, leaf blower, snow blowers, etc. They are a very reliable manufacturer company.

So without wasting any time, let’s dive into the review and see what’s the advantage, what’s the disadvantage, and why you should buy this mower, why you shouldn’t.

GreenWorks 25012 Lawn Mower Key Features

  • 12 Amp powerful motor
  • Push-button start
  • Dual blade
  • 18-inch cutting deck
  • 7 position single lever height settings
  • 2-in-1 feature; side discharge and mulching capable
  • 4-year warranty

Greenworks 25012 18-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower Review

The GreenWorks 25012 is a 12 Amp corded mower. The 12 amp motor has enough power to mulch and side discharge the grass. The 18-inch cutting deck has 7 position height adjustment features from 1 – 3/4 to 3 – 3/4″ (4.4 cm-9.5 cm).

Also, it is prevented from accidental starting. The 25012 model has a 46 lbs weight and a foldable handle for easy storage. It is ideal for small to medium-sized yards.


The mower comes with a preassembled. You need to just assemble the handle that is quite simple and easy. It takes only 10-15 minutes

12 Amp Powerful Electric Motor

The mower features a 12 Amp electric motor that delivers enough power to cut the toughest grass every mowing conditions.

The engine is well-engineered that delivers constant power. The mower starting mechanism is very simple. It starts every time just hold the power/start button and turn the bail lever. To stop the mower simply realize the bail lever.

Being a corded electric powered mower it has unlimited running time – just you need to plug the electric socket. The mower is much quieter than the gas-powered mower. So probably your neighbors will thank you for not disturbing them on the weekend when you mow the garden.

18-inch Durable steel deck

The 18-inch steel deck is not wider but it is more than enough to handle the small to medium yards. Also, the steel cutting deck adds some weight but it is still lightweight for its compact design. Being its durable steel cutting deck cover, it can easily beat the wet lawn.

Moreover, its 7 position cutting height adjustments allow to cut all types of grass from 1 and 3/4-inch to 3 and 3/4-Inch and offer a perfect trim every time – make sure that the blade is sharpened as much as possible. Always cut more than 1/3. Too little cutting damages the grass and helps to grow weeds.

Extension Cord

Always use an outdoor-rated gauge extension cable based on the motor power. An unauthorized cord overheats easily and it will burn the mower. The thicker gauge number means it takes more electricity.

But it is not ideal. Before mowing makes sure that your cord is properly wired and in good electrical condition. Always replace damaged extension cable and keep it from sharp objects, excessive heat, and damp or wet areas.

Always try to use separate electric circuits for the mower. And the circuits should not be less than 12 wires and should be protected with a 15 A time-delayed fuse.

For its 12 amp motor, 14 gauge extension best for the 100 Feet square yards.

Grass Management: Mulching, Side Discharge

The mower has 2-in-1 grass management features, that allow you to choose between mulching or side discharge. But the downside is, it has no grass collection bag.

Conversely, the blades have enough power for mulching. It cut the grass equally and spread out the grass clippings on the lawns. For better munching, my recommendation is always to cut the grass at the highest levels.

Comfortable Handle

For compact storage, the 25012 has an easy folding handle. The handle has two parts namely the upper handle and lowers handle. For its adjustable handle, you can easily adjust your handle height.

Also, the handle is equipped with the extension cord lock, start button, circuit breakers, bail switch, and cam lock. Extension cord lock features help to secure the cord and provide better mobility during the mowing time. Also, it has easy cam lock features making it easy to push and store.


The 7-inch front and rear wheels make it easy to maneuver on uneven terrains. The right side of the mower, single lever height adjustment, helps you easily control both wheel’s heights at the same time.


This mower comes with a full four-year warranty and the battery has a 1-year warranty. The item will not be covered by the warranty; it is inoperative due to misuse, commercial use, abuse, neglect, accident, improper maintenance.


Motor120 V AC, 60 Hz, 12 AMP
No-load speed3600 RPM
Cutting path18-Inches (45.7 cm)
Height adjustments1 3/4—3 3/4″ (4.4 cm-9.5 cm)
Grass management2-in-1: Mulch and side discharge
Dimensions28.5 x 22 x 14.2 inches
Item Weight46 lbs (21 kg)

Greenworks 18-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower with Extra Blade 25012

The Greenworks 25012 Overall Performance


The 18-inch steel blades mulch the clipping grass perfectly. Its razor-sharp blade cuts the grass into fine pieces and spreads out under the mower. Along the way, you can install a side discharge chute. It blows the clipping grass outside of the cutting path.

Cutting Quality

GreenWorks 25012 12 amp corded 18-inch lawn mower. The mower has a 7 position cutting height adjustment from 1 – 3/4″ to 3 – 3/4 inches. For better cut quality never cut the grass more than 1/3 height.

The mower clipping the grass like a boss. Being it’s an 18-inch lawn mower but the good things it cut every ting corner of the garden.

Overall the mower did perform very well on wet, thick, and tall grass. But I do not recommend you mow on the wet grass.

Power and Durability

Compared to the dimensions of this mower it has a 6 horsepower 12 Amp powerful large motor that combined with an 18-inch small cutting deck and trims the grass sufficiently.

The cutting deck is made of steel. It is more durable than the plastic made deck.

Easy Storage

Being for its lightweight and compact design you can easily store the mower in a very tiny place. Moreover, if you want you can also hang it on the wall with a hanging device.


It has 7-inch same diameters rear wheels and front wheels for better traction. But the 7 inch is not very large and it’s unable to handle the yard’s big slope.

But the 7 inch small wheels are good enough to mow the flat yards.

Greenworks 25012’s Maintenance

To begin with, the corded mower required a little maintenance. Unlike the gas mower, it does not require oil, gas, and doesn’t have to change the oil, spark plug, and air filters. Just clean the mower every time of use and make sure that the blade is sharp.

Greenworks 25012 is cost-effective!

Like other electric mowers, GreenWorks offers you a long time value. Compared to the gas-powered mower and their price, also after maintenance cost, GreenWorks 25012 comes with a very reasonable price and requires very little maintenance. With regular maintenance, it lasts at least 8 years.

The problem with the 25012 18-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower that doesn’t come with an extension cord. This can add an extra 15 to 20 bucks more.

Overall it is a perfect environment-friendly mower and did this job without making a lot of noise or spitting out a bunch of fumes.

Safety Tips

  1. Don’t mow the yard in rainy or wet condition
  2. Don’t handle the mower with a wet hand
  3. Use rated outdoor extension cord namely W-A, W, SW-A, SOW-A, STW-A, STOW-A, SJW-A, SJTW-A, or SJTOW-A
  4. Never allow the children to operate the mower
  5. Always wear ears, eyes, and other safety protection
  6. Never pull back the mower
  7. Always secure long hair
  8. Never leave mower plugged in
  9. In mowing time never wear loose garments or jewelry, they are caught by the moving parts or motor. Always wear heavy long pants, boots, and gloves.
  10. Wear protective footwear. Never mow the yard barefoot or when wearing sandals or similar lightweight footwear.
  11. Always turn off the mower before unplugging it from the electric power socket.

Mowing Tips for Greenworks 25012

  1. Before starting the mowing, verify the yard is free from stone, hard obstacles, or any kind of things that damage the mower.
  2. Keep the extension cord away from the mower cutting path.
  3. Cut more the ⅓ of the grass height
  4. For effective mulching always cut the dry grass and do not cut the wet grass.

What In The Box

• Lawn mower
• Side discharge chute
• Owner’s Manual

Greenworks 25012 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower Review 1

Conclusion – Who Should Buy Greenworks 25012 Mower?

The GreenWorks 25012 is a little mower but a very effective yard tool for small to average or medium yards. This is a good choice for handling average mowing works, But If your lawn is large or has weeds then don’t go for it.

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