Scag Advantage Deck: Worth To Buy?

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The Scag Advantage Deck is a large commercial mower designed for more significant properties. It is significantly bigger than other Scag deck models, and it has a controversy surrounding it. Some people say that the size of the Advantage Deck makes it challenging to maneuver around tight spaces. Others say that the size is an advantage because it cuts more grass in less time.

So what makes the scag advantage deck unique for lawn professionals or homeowners? Is it only for size?

In general, the Scag Advantage Deck is different from any other deck model. It’s 36 inches large and provides high-velocity side discharge with an adjustable custom-cut baffle which allows you to customize the deck based on the yard condition. Also, its tri or dual plate deck offers construction, ensuring solid performance and long life.

This article will fully cover the types of scag decks, their comparison, why the Scag Advantage deck is more powerful, and its problem.

What Is Scag Advantage Deck?

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The Scag Advantage cutter deck is a great performer and provides excellent results compared to other decks in its class. The deck is available in both 32-inches to 36-inch sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your mower. The deck is also built from heavy-duty materials that can withstand tough conditions, making it a great choice for anyone who wants a durable deck that will provide years of reliable service.

If you are one of the many people who have invested in a Scag Advantage deck, you will be glad to know that your investment is protected by a warranty. This warranty covers labor and parts for the 1st and 2nd years and parts for the 3rd year. This warranty is only applicable to commercial use, so it will not be covered if you are using your Scag Advantage deck for personal use.

The Scag Advantage Deck is a high-performance deck that provides quick discharge and a well-manicured cut. Even at quicker ground speeds, the deck can provide a beautiful cut. The deck is also supper efficient for bagging and side-discharge.

Types of Scag Deck

There are four types of scag deck available on the market.

  1. Advantage cutter deck
  2. Velocity Plus rear-discharge deck
  3. Velocity Plus cutter deck
  4. Hero cutter deck

Let’s take about the scag advantage deck…

7 Scag Advantage Deck Features That You Need To Know

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High-Velocity Discharge

The Advantage Cutter Deck is the latest design in discharge decks. It delivers unmatched cutting power, precision, and performance professionals demand. With its high-velocity discharge, the deck quickly and easily clears debris from the cutting path, keeping you working efficiently.

Adjustable Custom-cut Baffle

The Advantage deck is a great choice for anyone looking to cut a variety of grasses and weeds. The Custom-Cut Front Baffle System allows you to customize the deck to your individual condition. You can adjust the height of the cutters, so you can get through even the toughest weeds with ease.

Tri-Plate or Dual-Plate deck

When it comes to lawn mowing, having a tough cutter-blade spindle is important for ensuring solid performance and long life with its Tri-Plate (36 ) or Dual-Plate (32 ) construction. Plus, the replaceable trim-side shields help protect the blades from damage.

Front Baffle Chamber

The front baffle chamber lifts the grass up before the blade cuts it, ensuring that no stragglers are left behind. This design also helps to reduce wear on the blade, making it last longer.

Cast Iron Spindle

Cast iron spindles are the industry’s best spindles. Tapered roller bearings provide stability and accuracy. 1 1/8″ hardened shaft ensures long life. A wear pad is available to protect the spindle from excessive wear.

Wear Pad

The trim-side wear pad protects the deck and landscaping from scraping and impact damage. It is easily replaceable, so you can keep your deck looking great for years to come.

Self-Adjusting Belt

Self-adjusting Kevlar corded belts are the latest technology in drive belts. They keep themselves in perfect adjustment for the belt’s life, resulting in top performance. This is a huge improvement over traditional V-belts, which require manual adjustment and often need to be replaced sooner than necessary.

Kevlar corded belts are made up of many fine cords that run the length of the belt. These cords automatically adjust to compensate for wear, keeping the belt perfectly aligned. This results in longer life and better performance than traditional belts.

Kevlar corded belts are available from various manufacturers and can be used in a wide range of applications. They are an excellent choice for industrial and commercial use, where reliability and long life are key factors.

What Is the Difference Between Scag Advantage Deck and Other Types of Decking?

Scag Advantage Deck VS Hero Cutter Deck

When you differentiate between the Advantage cutter deck and the Hero cutter deck, you will see that their strength is different. The Advantage cutter deck is designed for speed and maneuverability, perfect for cutting through dense undergrowth and light brush. On the other hand, the Hero cutter deck is built for heavy-duty use and can handle tougher terrain with ease.

The Scag Advantage Deck is a great residential model that delivers top-line power, accuracy, and performance. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a great lawn without spending a lot of time or money on it.

The Hero Cutter Deck, on the other hand, is a professional model that’s perfect for anyone who wants the absolute best in terms of power and performance. It delivers unbeatable results no matter what type of terrain or grass you have.

The Scag Advantage Deck is designed with a larger cutting chamber than the Hero Cutter Deck, which means that it has a very big discharge opening. These opening increases discharge for even clipping dispersal. On the other hand, the Hero Cutter Deck is designed with several patented features that make it more efficient at clipping and mulching grass.

Scag Advantage Deck VS Velocity Deck

The Velocity Plus cutter decks are available in 48 inches and 52 inches sizes. Generally, they are the perfect choice for Scag Hydro-Drive Walk-Behind mowers, Stand-On mowers, and Zero Turn riding mowers. Also, the rear-discharge Velocity Plus decks are available on a Cheetah II Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower in 61 inches.

Another difference is the shape of the Velocity Plus cutter decks. They have a V-shape that helps direct the grass clippings towards the center of the deck, where they are discharged. The Scag Advantage Deck has a straight edge that causes the clippings to be discharged off to the side.

Contrary, the scag advantage deck is not available in 48 or 52, or 61 inches. It’s available in 32 and 36 inches and is mostly used in Scag SW series mowers, SWZ series mowers, and V-Ride II Stand-On Lawn Mower. 

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The Scag Advantage cutter decks come in both Tri-Plate (36 inches) and Dual-Plate (32 inches) constructions, whereas the Velocity cutter decks only have Tri-Plate construction. The advantage of the Tri-Plate construction is that it distributes the weight of the mower more evenly, which makes it more stable and, therefore, easier to operate. Additionally, because there is less flex in the deck, it cuts down on vibration, making for a smoother cut. The Tri-Plate construction of the Velocity decks is not as sturdy or durable as the Tri-Plate construction of the Advantage decks, and therefore they are not as good for cutting tall grass or weeds.

The Velocity Plus cutter decks have a very big discharge opening that increases discharge for even clipping dispersal. This difference is most noticeable when mulching, as the clippings are thrown further away from the deck and don’t tend to mat together. Conversely, the Advantage deck has a much smaller discharge opening, resulting in clumps of clippings being left on the ground next to the deck.

The bottom line is velocity deck is more lager than the scag advantage deck, and it is the perfect choice for commercial choice, whereas the Scag advantage is a great option for residential.

Velocity deck

Expert Insider Tips: Why Scag Advantage Deck Is Best?

Scag deck is a top-quality lawn mower deck that will give you years of reliable service, you can’t go wrong with a Scag Deck. Here are just some of the reasons why:

1. Scag advantage decks are built tough, with heavy-duty construction that can handle the most demanding mowing applications.

2. It’s designed for maximum efficiency, with features like an integrated discharge chute that eliminates the need for a grass catcher.

3. Easy to maintain, with a simple design that makes cleaning and servicing a breeze.

4. The decks are backed by one of the best warranties in the business, so you can be confident in your investment.

When it comes to lawn mower decks, there’s simply no better choice than a Scag advantage deck. Contact your local Scag dealer today to learn more.

7 Most Common Problems of Scag Advantage Deck

The scag advantage deck is a popular lawn care tool that can be used for various purposes. However, the deck can also be problematic if not used correctly. Here are some common problems with the scag advantage deck:

  1. Using the scag advantage deck without proper training can lead to injuries.
  2. The deck can cause damage to grass and other plants if not used correctly.
  3. The deck can often be too heavy to use effectively.
  4. The deck is only perfect for Scag SW series mowers, SWZ series mowers, and V-Ride II Stand-On Lawn Mower. 
  5. It did not cut the grass clump perfectly.
  6. Also, sometimes it does not perform well on the tall grass and wet grass condition.
  7. Sometimes it can cut grass perfectly up to 3 to 4 passes; after that, it can’t perform well.


Does Scag Have a Floating Deck?

In general, the floating deck is connecting with the mower main frame through the suspension. Floating decks are used for commercial use to handle the mowing the toughest mowing deck. The scag has a 36″, 48″ 52″, and 61″ larger floating deck, that build with heavy-duty metal and cut the grass like a pro under any conditions.

How Thick Is the Scag Mower Deck?

Scag is one most powerful mower decks that build with heavy-duty metal. To ensure the deck’s durability, it builds with super rigid tri-plated steel and a thickness of nearly 1/2″ thick (0.485″).

Scag Advantage Deck: Is It Worth Buying?

In conclusion, the scag advantage deck is a great choice for homeowners looking for a quality lawn mower. This deck is good at cutting the grass in perfect weather conditions and can handle a variety of terrain. Although it has some complaints that it does not include mulch and some of the other decks on the market, it is still a great option for those looking for a reliable machine.

It outperforms the Hero cutter deck but may not be as good as the Scag Velocity Plus models. So, if you are looking for a great mowing experience, the Scag Advantage cutter deck is a great option.

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