Kubota z726x Problems – [Try This Fix Frist]

By Desmond J.

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For the past few years, my friend Garret has run his Kubota Z726X perfectly. But a few days ago you faced some problems. And didn’t know how to fix. After hours of research, I found the 9 most important issues for Kubota z726x. So what are they?

The 9 most common problems for Kubota Z726X lawn mower.

  1. The engine is not starting
  2. Engine stops suddenly
  3. Poor fuel economy
  4. Engine dies when taking the foot off the parking brake.
  5. Insufficient or lower engine power
  6. Provide unevenly cut
  7. The machine does not move while the engine is running.
  8. Engine overheats
  9. Battery electrolyte level drops rapidly

9 Most Common Problems For Kubota Z726X – The Quick Troubleshooting Guide

Kubota Z726x tractor problems can occur anytime but are most common in cold weather. Issues include poor fuel economy, difficulty starting, lower engine power, and engine stopping suddenly. The best way to prevent problems is to maintain the tractor properly and tune it as needed.

1. Kubota Z726X Engine Won’t Start

If your Kubota Z726x engine isn’t starting, a few things could prevent it from firing up. Sometimes, the battery may not be providing enough power to start the engine, while other issues could be with the machine itself. If you’re unsure if your engine is starting up properly, let’s check other issues.


  1. The parking brake lever is not in the proper position
  2. The PTO switch is not in the position
  3. The battery becomes weak, and the engine does not turn over quick enough
  4. No fuel
  5. The key switch is not in the proper position


  1. Parking Brake: If the parking brake is not in the proper position engine won’t turn. So check the parking brake, make it in the position, and start the engine. Hope it works.
  2. PTO – PTO stands for power take-off. So if the PTO is disengaged or turned off, the mower won’t turn. Engage the PTO (on the switch) and try to start the mower.
  3. Bad battery – there are a few things that need to check. 1st off, I’d love to clean the battery cables and terminators. After that, recharge the battery. And if in not work, I will take it to the nearest Kubota service center to check the battery health or replace the battery with a new one.
  4. No fuel – Check the fuel level using the dipstick. If you found the fuel level is below the dipstick mark, refill it and start the mower.
  5. Ignition Key – If the key switch is off position, it won’t start the engine. Make sure that the ignition key is in place.

2. Engine Stops Suddenly

Kubota Z726x engine suddenly stops. Many of these engines have failed because of problems with the fuel system, including failing injectors and clogged filters.


  1. Insufficient fuel


  1. Fuel level – Check the oil level. And needs to refill the oil. Also, check the carburetor fuel value; reposition it if it is in the wing position. If the fuel level is ok, this can be a serious problem. The engine has seized up; it may require a professional to free and repair it.

3. Poor Fuel Economy

The Kubota Z726x has a 4-stroke gasoline engine with 44L fuel tank capacity, and it provides good fuel economy. However, recent owners have reported that their machines perform poorly and require higher fuel doses to maintain the same fuel economy. The engines may experience wear and tear, or the fuel injection system is not working as well as it should.


  1. Fuel hose or fuel filter clogged or damaged.
  2. Low-quality oil


  1. Insufficient fuel – Refill the engine fuel.
  2. Low-quality oil – If you use low-quality oil or don’t recommend it by Kubota, it is not good for the mower engine. So use lawn mower oil that recommends by Kubota.

4. Engine Dies when Taking the Foot Off the Parking Brake.

Kubota Z726x engine dies when taking the foot off the parking brake. I discovered this problem when a customer attempted to start the engine without using the foot brake after parking it.


  1. Check mower electric circuits


  1. Electric circuits: Check the mower electric circuits. If you found any damaged mower cable, fix it. If it still is not specified, it might be some major issues; take it nearest the Kubota service center.

5. Insufficient or Lower Engine Power

Some owners have reported that the Kubota Z726X has insufficient engine power. Some factors may cause this problem, including worn-out components or inadequate maintenance. If you are experiencing this issue with your Kubota Z726x, you need to check the fuel, air filter, and spark plug.


  1. Dirty air filter
  2. It clogged the fuel filter
  3. Dirty air filter
  4. Bad spark plug


  1. Dirty air filter – Clean or replace the air filter.
  2. The fuel filter is clogged – Replace the fuel filter
  3. Bad spark plug – Fix or replace the spark plug.

6. Provide Uneven Cut

The Kubota Z726x tractor is a reliable machine that can handle a lot of work. However, one owner claims that the machine cuts unevenly and causes significant damage to their field.


  1. The mower deck is not level
  2. Tire pressure is not equal
  3. Blades are dull
  4. Damaged blades


  1. Mower deck – Take the mower on a flat surface and set the mower deck height high as possible. Then measure the mower deck height. If both sides of the mower deck height are not the same, turn the lift link change nut clockwise to raise the left side of the deck or counterclockwise to lower it.
  2. Tire pressure is not equal – Measure the tire pressure. If tire pressure is not equal, adjust the tire pressure.
  3. Blades are dull – After 25 hours of usage, the mower needs to sharpen the mower blades, because worn blades provide an uneven cut, and it’s unhealthy for the grass.
  4. Damaged blades – Damage or broken blades are dangerous. So if your mower has damaged or broken edges, replace it asap.

7. The Machine Does Not Move While the Engine Is Running

The Kubota Z726x lawnmower does not move when the engine is running. I discovered this problem while we used the mower on a recently cut lawn. So what are the main causes?


  1. The parking brake is on
  2. insufficient Transaxle fluid
  3. The transaxle bypass lever is activated


  1. Parking Brake – If the parking brake is on its direct mower, it stands in the neutral position. So release the parking brake, and it will start moving.
  2. Transaxle fluid – Transaxle fluid is used for self-shifting or automatic transmission. If it has insufficient fluid, that means it can not move the parts. So check the transaxle fluid. It’s in the engine. And if the level is low, refill it.
  3. Transaxle bypass lever – It’s directly connected with the mower transmission. You need to deactivate the lever if the transmission bypass level is activated.

8. Engine Overheats

If Kubota Z726x engines overheat regularly, this can cause serious problems. If your Kubota Z726x engine overheats, take it to a mechanic as soon as possible to have it checked and diagnosed. Overheating can lead to engine damage, so it’s important to take corrective action as quickly as possible.


  1. Overloaded engine
  2. Insufficient engine oil
  3. Operating ground speed to so fast


  1. Overloaded engine: It consumes too much power at a time. And the engine works so fast, and cause overheats. The solution is to reduce the load or run the mower slowly.
  2. Insufficient engine oil – Check and replenish the engine oil.
  3. Operating ground speed to so fast – always driving the mower ground speed slower.

9. Battery Electrolyte Level Drops Rapidly

Kubota Z726x battery electrolyte level drops rapidly and must be topped off frequently. It is an issue many Kubota owners are experiencing, and I recommend that the battery be serviced as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage.


  1. There are cracks in pinholes in the electrolytic cells.
  2. Bad charging system


  1. Cracks pin holes – If you find broken pin holes in the electrolytic cells, it was is unable to fix. It would be best if you replaced the batter asap. It costs around $60 – $70.
  2. Bad charging system – If the cringing system is not good, it will damage the battery cell. For instance, go to your Kubota service center and build a solid battery charging system.

kubota Z726x Manual

Download the Kubota Z726X manual form here.

Kubota Z726x Wiring Diagram

The Kubota Z726x is a large commercial tractor known for its powerful engines and comfortable ride. The wiring diagram for the Kubota Z726x provides essential information about how the various electrical systems on the tractor work. This wiring diagram can help you troubleshoot problems with the tractor’s electrical system and can also help you understand how the tractor’s systems are connected.

Kubota Z726x Parts Diagram

The Kubota Z726x is a tractor designed for commercial use. It has many parts that can be replaced or upgraded, making it a versatile machine that can be used for many purposes. This image provides a parts diagram to help you identify the components of the Kubota Z726x tractor and how they work.

Kubota Z726x Maintenance

The Kubota Z726x is a versatile tractor that can be used for various tasks. It is a reliable machine that requires little maintenance. The following five tips will help keep your Kubota Z726x running smoothly.

Kubota Z726x maintenance is easy if you know what to do. Here are 9 simple steps to help keep your machine running smoothly:

  1. Check the oil level regularly and add oil as needed.
  2. Check the belt tension monthly and adjust as needed.
  3. Clean the air filter after every 50 hours of use.
  4. 4. Replenish the fuel and use only recommended fuel in the machine.
  5. Sharpen the blades regularly
  6. Check and adjust the mower tire pressure regularly
  7. After 100 of hours usage, change the mower parking cable
  8. After 100 of hours use, clean the engine fans
  9. After 100 of hours usage, adjust the electric clutch

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the Kubota Z726x has some problems. While it is a great machine for many applications, it seems to have some design flaws that must be addressed. Hopefully, Kubota will take these complaints into account and make the changes so that this machine can live up to its full potential.

So don’t panic. If you find those problems with your Kubota z726x, try those first!

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