Ariens EZR 1742 Problems – [7 Proven Ways to Fix Them]

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For the half of the decade, my friend used Ariens EZR perfectly. But a few days ago, he faced some issues, and it couldn’t move or deliver the performance perfectly. After hours of research, I found the 7 most common problems for Ariens EZR 1742. So what are they?

  1. Starting Problem
  2. Hydro-Gear Transaxle
  3. Blades are not engaging
  4. Electrical issues
  5. Motor dies when PTO engages
  6. Not Move
  7. Bog down the engine

Let’s drive into the details parts,

Ariens EZR 1742 Problems & Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide

In general, I found the 7 problems of Ariens EZR 1742 include starting problems; blades won’t engage, PTO clutch issues, mower not moving, hydro gear problems, and bog down the engine.

Here’s a comprehensive troubleshooting guide for Ariens EZR 1742. Let’s drive-in.

1. Starting Problem

The Ariens EZR 1742 has been having some starting difficulties, which could mean big trouble for your yard. The issue concerns bad battery power, dirty air or fuel filter, out-of-fuel, or spark wire loss. It can cause a lot of frustration since it’s unclear what is causing the problem. It may be a manufacturing defect, or it could be something that develops. Either way, it’s something you’ll want to monitor.

Possible Causes:

  1. Bad battery power
  2. Lose spark wire
  3. Dirty air filter
  4. Dirty fuel filter
  5. Out of fuel


  1. Battery: Check the battery power; if it’s blank, recharge it. But if the battery cannot hold the charge, replace it.
  2. Spark wire: Check the spark plug. If it’s dirty, clean it and tighten the spark wire. Or if it’s broken, replace it asap.
  3. Dirty air filter: Clan air filer increases the airflow to the engine. And supply sufficient cold air and oxygen to start the engine. But a dirty air filter interrupts the oxygen flow to start the engine. If you find a dirty air filter, clean it or clean it. Click here to learn more about cleaning the lawn mower air filter.
  4. Fuel filter: If fuel is dirty, it reduces the fuel velocity. For this reason, the engine won’t start. So If you see your fuel filter is dirty, change it asap.
  5. Oil: Without oil, your mower won’t start. So check the oil by using the dipstick, and if you find the oil level is below the mark, refill it quickly and start the engine.

2. Hydro-Gear Transaxle Problem

Hydro-Gear transaxles increased power and durability. They designed the transaxle for heavy-duty applications and can withstand the rigors of mowing.

The Ariens EZR 1742 has been having serious issues with its hydro-gear transaxle. Some users have reported that the transaxle has failed, while others have said it simply does not work properly. It’s a major problem, as it can render the lawn mower unusable.

The problem with the hydro-gear transaxles can cause the riding lawn mowers to lose power and stop abruptly, posing a risk of injury to the operator. Ariens had received four reports of incidents, including one report of an operator who was injured when the mower stopped suddenly.

Possible Causes

  1. Insufficient hydraulic fluid
  2. Damage hydraulic pump


  1. Hydraulic fluid: If your pump has insufficient fluid, it will be full of air and lose power easily. So check the fluid level and refill it.
  2. Damage hydraulic pump: If you find the hydraulic pump is damaged, go to the nearest service center and replace it with the same model.

3. Ariens EZR 1742 Blades Not Engaging

We know the Ariens EZR 1742 for its durability and easy-to-use features. However, owners of this model have been reporting that the blades are not engaging properly, making it difficult to cut grass.

This problem has been especially frustrating for those who have used the EZR 1742 for years and rely on its performance. Ariens has issued a statement saying they know the problem and are working on a fix. In the meantime, they suggest owners use a manual blade-engagement lever to engage the blades.

Possible Causes

  1. PTO clutch issue
  2. PTO switch issue


  1. PTO clutch: Active PTO clutch engages the mower blades to the drive belts and provides power to cut the grass. Conversely, if it shut the PTO clutch off, it won’t engage the blades to drive the belt. If your PTO clutch is damaged, replace it.
  2. PTO switch: PTO stands for power take-off. If the switch is deactivated, it can not power up the PTO clutch, and the blades won’t engage. Keep in mind that if the PTO switch is broken, replace it.

Insider TIP: PTO clutch is not repairable. It would be best if you replaced it.

4. Engine Starter Switch Not Working

The Ariens EZR 1742 electric problems can lead to decreased fuel efficiency, poor performance, and even damage to the machine. Also, you can not start or stop the mower.

Possible Causes

  1. Broken starter switch
  2. Solenoid ground connection is not good.


  1. Starter switch: Check the starter switch. If it’s broken, replace it.
  2. Solenoid ground connects: Make sure it’s connected with the battle to frame. And start the engine, but it still is not working; change the solenoid switch.

5. Motor dies when PTO engages.

Ariens EZR 1742 mower when PTO is engaged, the engine dies. Several users have reported this problem on the Ariens forum. It’s a serious problem because it can cause the mower to stall in the middle of mowing. And it’s dangerous because it can cause the blade to keep spinning when the mower is turned off.

Possible Cause

  1. Brake switch issue


  1. Brake switch: When the brake switch won’t allow passing the full voltage on the PTO switch, it will stop the engine when engaging the PTO. Replace the brake switch and try it. It will be working.

6. Engine Cranks But Not Moving

Ariens EZR 1742 engine cranks but not moving. The problem with the PTO switch, parking brake, or mower drive belt freezes up.

Possible Cause

  1. PTO switch: Check the PTO switch; if it is not engaged, then engage it. And If the switch is not operated perfectly, replace it.
  2. Parking brake: Make sure that your parking is designed. If the mower parking brake is engaged, it won’t move.
  3. Drive belt: If the mower drive freezes up mower won’t move. Inspect the mower drive belt under the deck; if It’s clogged with debris, clean it and free the drive belt. Now start the engine; hopefully, it will work.

7. Blades Are Slow and Bog Down the Engine

Many users have complained that EZR 1742 mower blades are slow and bog down the engine. It can make mowing the lawn a frustrating experience, as the mower takes longer to cut through the grass.

Possible Cause

  1. Dull blades


  1. Blades: If you’re not sharpening the mower blades after 25 hours of usage, try to cut the grass so fast it will bog down the engine easily. So if you face this issue, sharpen the mower blades or if your mower has broken blades, replace it.

EZR 1742 Wiring Diagram

The EZR 1742 Wiring Diagram has been released by the company. This is a newsworthy event because the diagram provides clear and concise instructions on how to wire the EZR 1742. The diagram is easy to follow and makes it possible for anyone to wire the EZR 1742 correctly.

Ariens EZR 1742 Problems - [7 Proven Ways to Fix Them] 2
EZR 1742 Wiring Diagram

Ariens EZR 1742 Maintenance

It’s important to keep your Ariens EZR 1742 in good condition for continued use. Here are a few maintenance tips to help keep your machine running smoothly.

  1. Clean the deck and blades frequently with a garden hose.
  2. Keep the drive belt tensioner and the roller bearings lubricated.
  3. Check the oil level and change it if necessary.
  4. Keep the air filter clean and free of debris.
  5. Keep your Ariens EZR 1742 in top condition with these maintenance tips.
  6. Check tire pressure and air pressure regularly.
  7. Inspect the blade for proper alignment and sharpness.

Wrapping UP

There are some problems with the Ariens EZR 1742. While it is a very good machine, it seems to have some reliability issues. If you are considering purchasing this model, be sure to test it out thoroughly before buying it, and be prepared for potential repairs in the future.

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