Scag Mowers Prices Guide 2024: Explore Affordable Options

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Renowned in the landscaping equipment industry, Scag stands out for crafting premium mowers known for their exceptional power, durability, and efficiency—qualities highly valued by landscapers and professionals.

In 2023, Scag’s diverse mower range accommodates various preferences and needs. Prices for Scag mowers fluctuate due to factors like dealer variations, location, and specific mower types.

For those eyeing Scag zero-turn mowers, the average price lingers around $5550. These mowers are celebrated for their remarkable maneuverability, particularly suitable for efficiently navigating expansive landscapes.

Alternatively, Scag offers a selection of walk-behind mowers at an approximate cost of $3000. These mowers excel in user-friendliness and precision, ideal for intricate spaces.

Keep in mind, the provided prices are estimates and can differ based on dealer pricing strategies and regional influences. For the latest and precise Scag mower prices, consulting local authorized dealers is recommended.

Investing in a Scag mower ensures access to high-performance, reliable equipment tailored to meet professional landscaping demands. Exploring Scag’s offerings, guided by authorized dealers, ensures a suitable choice that aligns with your needs, coupled with transparent pricing.

Scag Electric Mowers EVZ

Scag Mowers Prices Guide 2024: Explore Affordable Options 2

Price: $18,254

Experience the future of landscaping with Scag Electric Mowers EVZ, powered by the innovative Vanguard® Commercial Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for reliable efficiency. This 52″ EVZ model combines convenience, performance, and sustainability.

The Vanguard 48V 5kWh Lithium-Ion commercial battery pack ensures dependable operation, supported by a 3-year battery warranty and a Vanguard 1050W battery charger.

Scag Electric Mowers EVZ feature optimized dimensions for maneuverability, a length of 67.5″, tracking width of 47″, and adaptable chute positioning. With a height of 43″ and weighing 700 lbs, it delivers power and precision.

The Vanguard® Commercial Lithium Ion battery offers 5kWh total battery wattage, coupled with a Hydro-Gear ZT-2800e™ Electric Transaxles drive system, covering up to 5 acres per charge.

The intuitive design includes interlock switches, an operator information display, and a comprehensive instrument panel. The 52″ Heavy-Duty Hero™ Cutter Deck and electric brushless DC motors enhance precision.

Comfort is prioritized with a padded seat, extra spring support, and armrests. Forward and reverse ground speeds of 7 mph and 4 mph adapt to your pace.

Scag Electric Mowers EVZ feature a dual-plate cutter deck with a reinforcement plate at cutter deck spindles, driven by Hydro-Gear and brushless DC motors for efficiency and longevity.

Experience the evolution of electric mowing with Scag Electric Mowers EVZ, harmonizing innovation, power, and precision for unparalleled landscaping confidence.

Scag Zero-Turn Mowers

Zero-turn riding mowers have sparked a landscaping revolution with their unparalleled efficiency. The combination of swiveling front caster wheels and zero-turn maneuverability elevates mobility, especially in rugged terrains, making them a favorite among landscapers.

Scag boasts an expansive catalog of zero-turn mowers, each category finely tuned to address distinct working conditions. This discourse on Scag mower prices in 2024 delves into the world of zero-turns, shedding light on their features and associated costs.

Scag Turf Tiger II

Scag Mowers Prices Guide 2024: Explore Affordable Options 3

Price: $17,599.00

The Scag Turf Tiger II Zero-Turn Mower offers a powerful 61″ cutting deck and a 37 HP Vanguard engine, combining precision and efficiency for large lawn areas. This industry benchmark excels in power, durability, and performance. Its 22 HP Kawasaki engine variant is optimized for operator ease and efficiency.

Key features include a hydro drive system with dual 16cc Hydro-Gear pumps and Parker wheel motors, delivering reliable zero-turn maneuverability. The driveshaft-driven cutter deck enhances reliability compared to belt drive systems. The Heavy-Duty Hero™ Cutter Deck ensures superior strength with a Tri-Plate top.

The Kawasaki DFI, Kohler EFI, or Briggs Vanguard EFI engines offer power and efficiency, starting easier and reducing operating costs. With a single 12-gallon fuel tank, you can mow all day. The double-tube steel frame provides strength and stability.

Comfort is enhanced with a 4-point iso-mounted suspension seat, adjustable steering control levers, and Quick-Fit controls. The Command-Comfort Operator’s Station ensures ergonomic excellence. Maintenance is simplified with accessible engine and filter areas.

This Turf Tiger II comes with Scag’s “Simply the Best” commercial warranty, promising years of reliable service. Additional features include a foldable Rollover Protection System (ROPS) and various accessories for customization.

Scag Turf Tiger II costs are as follows.

Gasoline Models

ModelEngineFuel SystemPrice

Diesel Models

ModelEngineFuel SystemPrice
STTII-61V-25KBD61V25KBD$22 ,799

Propane Models

ModelEngineFuel SystemPrice

Scag Cheetah II Zero-Turn Mower

Scag Mowers Prices Guide 2024: Explore Affordable Options 4

Perfectly suited for professional landscaping businesses and expansive yards, the Scag Cheetah II Zero-Turn Mower boasts a commercial-grade design, optimized for efficiency with its 61-inch and 72-inch Velocity Plus cutting decks. With robust 38 HP engine ratings, these mowers excel at swiftly tackling large turf areas.

Real-time monitoring is facilitated through the patented Tiger Eye Advanced Monitoring System technology, enabling you to track various systems and functions. The Cheetah II offers unparalleled comfort, featuring a plush seat and an Operator Suspension System with five settings to conquer diverse terrains, ranging from soft to firm.

Here’s a glimpse of Scag lawn mower prices for the Cheetah II gasoline models:

ModelEngineFuel SystemPrice

Scag Tiger Cat II

Scag Mowers Prices Guide 2024: Explore Affordable Options 5

Select from 48-inch, 52-inch, or 61-inch cutting decks for the Tiger Cat II zero-turn riding mower. The Velocity Plus mowing decks, equipped with three cutters, excel at managing extensive yards spanning over 3 acres.

Furthermore, you have a choice of three engines: Kawasaki, Briggs Vanguard, and Kohler. These potent motors boast ratings of up to 36 HP and offer options for air-cooling or electronic fuel injection.

Built with solid single-tube construction, these mowers exhibit remarkable resilience in the field, maintaining their performance over extended periods. The Tiger Cat II ensures comfort during use and hassle-free maintenance.

Here’s an overview of Scag mower prices for the Tiger Cat II models in 2022:

ModelEngineFuel SystemPrice

Scag Liberty Z

Scag Mowers Prices Guide 2024: Explore Affordable Options 6

Convenience aptly defines the Scag Liberty Z zero-turn lawn mower. Designed to elevate the user experience, these mowers feature a comfortable high-back padded seat for an optimal yard-trimming experience. The easy-press foot pedal operates the deck, available in sizes from 36 to 61 inches. The heavy-duty Hero Cutter deck thrives in harsh landscaping conditions.

Maintenance is effortless thanks to the open design, but neglect can lead to issues. Explore the Scag mower prices for the Liberty Z models in 2022:


Scag Freedom Z

Scag Mowers Prices Guide 2024: Explore Affordable Options 7

Experience stress-free turf mowing with the Freedom Z zero-turn grass trimmers. Comfortable seating and ergonomic handlebar grips provide a natural feel. The robust and adjustable Ogura PTO clutch brake ensures seamless deck starting and stopping, with a holding capacity of 74 pounds.

With power and service ease, the Freedom Z is a joy. Check the costs for each model under this Scag brand:

ModelEngineFuel SystemPrice

Scag Patriot

Scag Mowers Prices Guide 2024: Explore Affordable Options 8

The Patriot zero-turn entry enhances grip with features like a foot-pedal parking brake. The robust Ogura PTO clutch brake offers formidable starting and stopping power with a 108-pound holding capacity, supported by an adaptable air gap for longevity.

With a durable frame and comfort-focused features like a padded seat and iso-mounted footplate, the Patriot makes landscaping stress-free. Suitable for businesses, these mowers house powerful engines up to 27 HP and large decks ranging from 52 to 61 inches.

Explore the asking prices for Patriot zero-turns:


Scag Walk-Behind Mowers

Scag’s Walk-Behind Mowers bring precision and power to your lawn care routine. Engineered for efficiency, these mowers feature front swivel caster wheels for superior maneuverability. With engine options like the robust Kohler Command Pro CV224, these mowers ensure easy starts and consistent performance.

The military-grade steel decks, reinforced for durability, come in sizes ranging from 30 to 61 inches, offering versatility for various yard sizes. Ergonomic controls and adjustable features enhance user comfort, while open designs facilitate hassle-free maintenance.

Choose Scag Walk-Behind Mowers for exceptional results and lasting reliability.

Scag SFC Walk-Behinds

Scag Mowers Prices Guide 2024: Explore Affordable Options 9

Scag’s SFC walk-behind mowers redefine functionality with front swivel caster wheels, enhancing maneuverability. These mowers are driven by the robust Kohler Command Pro CV224 engine, featuring Easy-Pull technology for effortless starts. The patented Consistent Cut technology maintains engine speed for precise cuts. Supported by military-grade steel 30-inch decks and 0.25-inch reinforcement bars, these mowers epitomize resilience. Deck height adjustments, ranging from 1.5 to 5 inches in 0.25-inch intervals, cater to varied needs. Ergonomic controls and adjustable handles ensure comfort and ease of use.

Discover the Scag SFC mower prices for 2022:


Scag SW Belt-Drive Mowers

Scag Mowers Prices Guide 2024: Explore Affordable Options 10

Diversity defines Scag’s SW belt-drive mowers, offering varied deck sizes and Cutter decks for precise cuts and commercial efficiency. Powered by robust Kawasaki engines, these models deliver optimum performance. The reliability of FS Kawasaki engines is amplified by features like dual-element air filtration and two-channel forced air cooling. Optional accessories, from fabric bag grass catchers to the Hurricane Plus mulch system, enhance utility.

Explore the Scag SW belt-drive mower prices:

ModelEngineFuel SystemPrice

Scag SWZT Hydro-Drive Mowers

Scag Mowers Prices Guide 2024: Explore Affordable Options 11

The SWZT hydro-drive mowers combine various deck sizes with potent engines for maneuverability and strength. Operating on Kawasaki engines, they offer both hydro-drive capabilities and an enhanced experience through the Ogura PTO clutch brake.

Explore the Scag SWZT hydro-drive mower prices:

ModelEngineFuel SystemPrice

Scag SWZ Hydro-Drive Mowers

Scag Mowers Prices Guide 2024: Explore Affordable Options 12

Ideal for landscaping businesses, Scag’s SWZ hydro-drive mowers offer deck sizes from 36 to 61 inches. Powered by electric start Kawasaki engines, they reach up to 22 HP and 7.4 mph. Emphasizing convenience, these mowers feature adjustable padded handles and ergonomic controls, ensuring both comfort and easy maintenance.

Discover the Scag SWZ hydro-drive mower prices:

ModelEngineFuel SystemPrice

Scag Stand-on Mowers

Robust mowers can handle tough obstacles, while stand-on mowers excel in mowing tight spots. Scag has designed their Stand-on Mowers to be high-performing and space-saving.

Scag V-Ride II Stand-On Mowers

Scag Mowers Prices Guide 2024: Explore Affordable Options 13

Scag’s V-Ride II stand-on mowers offer agility for small yards with high maneuverability. Boasting deck sizes from 32 to 61 inches and powerful engines, they provide versatility and performance. Enhanced comfort is achieved through adjustable suspension springs.

Check out the Scag V-Ride II stand-on mower prices:

ModelEngineFuel SystemPrice

About Scag history

Scag’s history is deeply rooted in the landscaping and lawn care industry. Established in 1983 by John C. Crowson, the company quickly gained recognition for its commitment to producing high-quality commercial mowers. Its name, derived from “SCHiller-AGriculture,” reflects its German engineering influence.

Scag introduced the industry’s first stand-on mower, the “V-Ride,” in the early 2000s, revolutionizing efficiency and maneuverability. The company continued to innovate with advancements like the “Tiger Cat” and “Turf Tiger” models, renowned for their power and durability.

Scag’s dedication to excellence earned it a loyal customer base, especially among professional landscapers. The brand’s mowers are celebrated for their exceptional performance, precision, and ergonomic design.

Throughout its history, Scag has maintained a focus on producing reliable equipment that withstands the demands of commercial lawn maintenance. Its legacy as a pioneer in the industry has solidified its reputation as a leading manufacturer of landscaping machinery.

How to Choose The Best Scag Mower for The Money

When looking for the best Scag mower for the money, consider the following factors:

  1. Lawn Size and Type: The size and type of your lawn play a significant role in determining the best mower. Larger lawns might require a more powerful and efficient model, while smaller lawns could do well with a less robust option.
  2. Features Needed: Different Scag mowers come with various features, such as zero-turn capability, adjustable cutting height, mulching options, and more. Choose a model with features that align with your specific needs.
  3. Engine Power: The power of the mower’s engine affects its performance, especially in challenging conditions like thick grass. Consider a model with an appropriate engine size for your lawn.
  4. Durability and Build Quality: Look for a mower built with high-quality materials that can withstand regular use and the elements.
  5. Reviews and Reputation: Check customer reviews and the reputation of different Scag mower models. This can give you insights into real-world performance and reliability.
  6. Price and Budget: Set a budget for your purchase and try to find a model that offers the best features and performance within your price range.
  7. Dealer Support: Consider purchasing from a reputable dealer who can provide maintenance, service, and support for your mower.
  8. Warranty: A good warranty can provide peace of mind in case of any manufacturing defects or issues with the mower.

To find the most current and accurate information about the best Scag mower for the money, I recommend checking recent online reviews, visiting Scag’s official website, and consulting local dealers who specialize in outdoor power equipment. Make sure to compare different models, features, and prices to make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

What is the Best Scag Mower for the Money?

The best Scag mower for your money depends on your specific requirements and usage. Different models cater to various needs, such as home lawn care, light landscaping, ranch maintenance, or golf course upkeep. For residential lawn care, the Scag Liberty Z is a solid choice. Meanwhile, the Scag Patriot is suitable for small landscaping businesses, offering good value for its capabilities.

For those seeking a premium commercial mower, the decision between the Cheetah and Turf Tiger II depends on your mowing needs. If you prioritize speed and efficiency on flat terrain, the Cheetah is a suitable option. On the other hand, if you require a highly durable and versatile mower capable of handling challenging slopes, the Turf Tiger is the recommended choice.

Bottom Line

Scag mowers provide efficient, powerful, and durable options for both professionals and homeowners. With a reputation for quality and innovation, Scag offers a range of models to suit various needs. While prices vary by model and features, their commitment to excellence makes their mowers a reliable choice for maintaining beautiful landscapes.

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