New Holland C232 Compact Track Loader: Specs, Review

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The New Holland C232 skid steer is a powerful and advanced farming machine designed for farmers in the USA. New Holland company is well-known for producing top-quality equipment, and they’ve created this model with a strong focus on safety and performance.

This skid steer has unique features that make farming tasks easier, making it a valuable investment for farmers. It’s affordable, well-designed, and durable, perfectly suited to meet the needs of farmers in the USA.

With its strong horsepower and quality features, the New Holland C232 skid steer can handle various farming tasks effectively. It’s one of the best options for farmers in the USA who want a high-performing and technologically advanced machine.

Read below for more information, including specifications, features, and prices. This skid steer is an excellent choice for USA farmers, helping them efficiently manage their farming tasks.

New Holland C232 Engine Capacity

The New Holland C232 skid steer has a powerful engine made by Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT). It runs on diesel fuel, has four cylinders, and is environmentally friendly.

The engine’s specifications include a displacement of 3400 cc and a power of 74 HP at 2500 RPM. It can handle various farming tasks and works well with farming equipment like the rotavator and cultivator.

The engine is fuel-efficient and designed to work efficiently in tough farming conditions. The New Holland C232 skid steer is a valuable tool for farmers, helping them with their agricultural work.

What Makes New Holland C232 Best for You?

The New Holland C232 is considered one of the best choices for farmers due to several key factors:

  1. Powerful Engine: It is equipped with a powerful engine from Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT), providing high performance and efficiency to handle various farming tasks.
  2. Advanced Technology: The skid steer is designed with advanced technologies and innovative features, making it easy to operate and highly productive in challenging farming operations.
  3. Safety and Durability: New Holland Tractor company has a reputation for manufacturing top-quality tractors with a strong emphasis on safety and durability, ensuring it can withstand rugged farming conditions.
  4. Versatility: The C232 is versatile and can be used with various farming implements like the rotavator, cultivator, and planter, making it a versatile tool for different agricultural tasks.
  5. Environmental Friendly: The engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards, making it environmentally friendly and complying with emission regulations.
  6. Fuel Efficiency: The skid steer is designed to be fuel-efficient, which helps reduce operating costs for farmers.
  7. Ease of Use: Its user-friendly design and controls make it easy for farmers to operate, even for those with less experience.
  8. Affordability: Despite its advanced features and capabilities, the New Holland C232 is available at an affordable price range, making it accessible to a wide range of farmers.

Overall, the combination of power, technology, versatility, safety, and affordability makes the New Holland C232 an excellent choice for farmers looking for a high-performing and reliable farming machine to efficiently manage their agricultural needs.

New Holland C232 Specs

Key Specs

Horsepower74 HP
Weigh9,630 pounds
Oil TypeSAE 10W-40
Oil Capacity2.2 gal
Lifting Capacity 1,750 lbs


ManufacturerNew Holland
Series200 series
TypeCompact track loader
Lift DesignVertical
Years Made2011-2020


Height80.4 in.204.2 cm
Bucket Hinge Pin131.1 in.333.0 cm
Width76.0 in.193.0 cm
Length142.9 in.363.0 cm
Dump Height104.5 in.265.5 cm
Dump Reach34.4 in.87.5 cm
Ground Clearance9.5 in.24.3 cm
Dump Angle55°
Rollback Angle33°
Departure Angle32°

Engine Specs

ModelF5H FL463A*F001
EmissionsTier 4
Rated Speed2500 RPM
Torque Power1400 RPM
CombustionDirect injection
Compression Ratio
Firing Order1-3-4-2
Gross Power74.0 HP55.2 kW
Net Power68.0 HP50.7 kW
Displacement207 cu in.3392 cc
Bore3.9 in.9.9 cm
Stroke4.3 in.11.0 cm
Peak Torque232 ft-lb314.5 N∙m
Coolant Capacity5.0 gal18.9 L
Engine Oil Capacity2.2 gal8.5 L
Fuel Tank Capacity25.5 gal96.5 L

Performance Details

Horsepower74.0 HP55.2 kW
Lifting Capacity (35% Tipping)2240 lbs1016.0 kg
Lifting Capacity (50% Tipping)3200 lbs1451.5 kg
Operating Weight9630 lbs4368.1 kg
Tipping Load6400 lbs2903.0 kg
Lift Breakout Force4840 lbs2195.4 kg
Tilt Breakout Force7360 lbs3338.4 kg
Max. Travel Speed5.1 mph8.2 km
Optional High Speed7.6 mph12.2 km
Ground Pressure4.2 psi29.0 kPa

Hydraulic System

Pump Flow24.2 GPM91.5 LPM
Relief Pressure3050 psi210.3 Bar
Optional Flow37.6 GPM142.5 LPM
Hydraulic Capacity7.7 gal29.2 L


Track Width17.7 in.45.0 cm
Track Length118.9 in.302.0 cm
Ground Contact Length64.5 in.163.8 cm

The New Holland C232 has specific technical specifications like weight, horsepower, and lifting capacity. These details were taken from the manufacturer’s manuals. Before buying the New Holland C232, it’s important to check with your vendor to confirm the technical specs. Our evaluation of the New Holland C232 will also be included to help you make a decision.

New Holland C232 Review

Desmond J. Hernandez



The New Holland C232 is a user-friendly and powerful skid steer, perfect for tough tasks. It provides comfort for compact work and utility operators. Despite its solid performance, it comes at an affordable price. The spacious cab makes it more comfortable than other skid steers.



How Much Horsepower Does a New Holland C232 Have?

The New Holland C232 skid steer has approximately 74 horsepower (HP).

How Much Does a New Holland C232 Weigh?

The weight of a New Holland C232 skid steer is 9630 lbs.

How Much New Holland C232 Lift Capacity

The lifting capacity of the New Holland C232 skid steer is 3,200 pounds (50% tipping capacity).

New Holland C232 Oil Type

The New Holland C232 skid steer uses SAE 10W-40 oil.

New Holland C232 Oil Capacity

The oil capacity of the New Holland C232 skid steer is approximately 2.2 gal (or 8.5 liters)

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