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The New Holland Lx665 is a robust and reliable skid steer loader that was manufactured by New Holland from 1993 to 1999. This versatile machine is designed with a vertical lift system, making it ideal for a wide range of lifting and loading tasks. In this overview, we will delve into the technical details of the New Holland Lx665, providing you with essential information to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Engine Capacity

The New Holland Lx665 has an N844T engine. It’s like the heart of the machine, providing power to make it work. It has four cylinders, which are like four small tubes where the fuel burns to make the machine move. The engine has a displacement of 1995 cc, which means it can move a good amount of fuel and air to make the machine strong.

It has a “bore” of 8.4 cm, which is the size of the cylinder. A larger bore means more fuel and air can fit inside, making the machine stronger. The “stroke” is 9.0 cm, which is how far the piston moves inside the cylinder. A longer stroke helps the machine handle heavy loads better.

The N844T engine uses a special way to burn the fuel called “indirect injection.” It helps the engine use fuel efficiently and makes it better for the environment.

It can make 50 horsepower, which is like its strength. It can produce 113 ft-lb of torque, which is like its pushing power. More torque means the machine can lift and move heavy things easier.

To stay cool and work well, it needs 10.3 liters of coolant, and it needs 7.6 liters of engine oil. Think of the coolant as its drink to stay cool and the oil as its food to stay healthy.

The N844T engine needs fuel to work, and the New Holland Lx665 can hold up to 52.9 liters of fuel in its tank. This big tank helps the machine work for a long time without needing more fuel.

So, the N844T engine in the New Holland Lx665 is like a strong heart that gives power to the machine. It has four cylinders, a displacement of 1995 cc, and can make 50 horsepower and 113 ft-lb of torque. To stay healthy, it needs coolant and engine oil, and it can hold 52.9 liters of fuel in its tank.

What Makes New Holland Lx665 Best for You?

Meet the incredible New Holland Lx665 skid steer loader! This powerful and versatile machine is here to make your work easier and more enjoyable. Let’s discover what makes the Lx665 the best companion for your project.

  1. Easy to Use: The New Holland Lx665 is designed with simple controls and user-friendly features, making it easy for operators of different skill levels to use effectively.
  2. Versatility: This skid steer loader can be equipped with various attachments, allowing it to perform a wide range of tasks, from lifting and moving heavy materials to digging and grading.
  3. Compact and Maneuverable: The Lx665’s compact size makes it ideal for working in tight spaces and confined areas, making it suitable for small construction sites, farms, and landscaping projects.
  4. Power and Performance: Despite its small size, the Lx665 is equipped with a powerful engine that provides sufficient horsepower and torque to handle demanding tasks effectively.
  5. Durability and Reliability: New Holland is known for producing robust and reliable machinery, and the Lx665 is no exception. It is built to withstand the rigors of daily use and challenging work environments.
  6. Safety Features: The Lx665 is equipped with safety features to protect the operator and others on the worksite, providing peace of mind during operation.
  7. Fuel Efficiency: The Lx665 is designed to be fuel-efficient, which can help reduce operating costs and environmental impact.
  8. Comfortable Operator Cabin: The skid steer loader offers a comfortable and ergonomic operator cabin, allowing the person in control to work efficiently and for extended periods without fatigue.
  9. Excellent Maneuverability: With its skid-steer design, the Lx665 can pivot on its wheels, providing excellent maneuverability, which is beneficial when navigating around obstacles.
  10. Brand Reputation: New Holland has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality machinery, and the Lx665 is a testament to its commitment to excellence.

The New Holland Lx665 is an excellent choice for those in the construction, farming, and landscaping industries who are seeking a versatile, reliable, and efficient skid steer loader to enhance their productivity and accomplish a wide range of tasks

New Holland Lx665 Specifications

Key Specs

Horsepower52 HP
Weigh5400 lbs
Oil TypeSAE 10W-30
Oil Capacity2.0 gal
Lifting Capacity1705 lbs


ManufacturerNew Holland
SeriesLX series
TypeSkid steer loader
Lift DesignVertical
Years Made1993-1999


Height74.8 in.189.9 cm
Bucket Hinge Pin115.5 in.293.4 cm
Width65.6 in.166.6 cm
Length126.8 in.322.0 cm
Dump Height90.4 in.229.6 cm
Dump Reach28.0 in.71.1 cm
Ground Clearance7.7 in.19.6 cm
Dump Angle46°
Rollback Angle36°
Departure Angle23°

Engine Capacity

ManufacturerNew Holland
Rated Speed2900 RPM
Torque Power1800 RPM
CombustionIndirect injection
Compression Ratio22:1
Firing Order1-3-4-2
SpecificationUS ValueMetric Value
Gross Power52.0 HP38.8 kW
Net Power50.0 HP37.3 kW
Displacement122 cu in.1995 cc
Bore3.3 in.8.4 cm
Stroke3.5 in.9.0 cm
Peak Torque113 ft-lb153.2 N∙m
Coolant Capacity2.7 gal10.3 L
Engine Oil Capacity2.0 gal7.6 L
Fuel Tank Capacity14.0 gal52.9 L

Operating Specifications

SpecificationUS ValueMetric Value
Horsepower52.0 HP38.8 kW
Lifting Capacity (35% Tipping)1220 lbs553.4 kg
Lifting Capacity (50% Tipping)1705 lbs773.4 kg
Operating Weight5400 lbs2449.4 kg
Max. Travel Speed7.5 mph12.1 km/h

Cycle Time

Raise Lift Arms2.7 sec.
Lower Lift Arms2.3 sec.
Bucket Rollback1.5 sec.
Bucket Dump1.8 sec.

Hydraulic System

SpecificationUS ValueMetric Value
Pump Flow17.4 GPM79.1 LPM
Relief Pressure2300 psi158.6 Bar
Optional Flow27.7 GPM90.8 LPM
Hydraulic Capacity6.5 gal22.7 L

Tire Size


The New Holland Lx665 has specific technical specifications like weight, horsepower, and lifting capacity. These details were taken from the manufacturer’s manuals. Before buying the New Holland Lx865, it’s important to check with your vendor to confirm the technical specs. Our evaluation of the New Holland Lx885 will also be included to help you make a decision.

New Holland Lx665 Skid Steer Loader Review

Desmond J. Hernandez

New Holland Lx665-1
The New Holland Lx665 Skid Steer Loader is a compact and versatile machine suitable for construction and landscaping tasks. With its maneuverability, attachments, and operator comfort, it’s designed to handle various jobs while offering reliability and power.


The New Holland LX665 is a small, powerful machine used in construction, farming, and landscaping. It can easily switch between different tools like buckets and forks to do different jobs. The LX665 is easy to control, and the operator’s seat is comfortable. It is also compact, so it can work well in small spaces. Many people like to use the LX665 for its reliability and ability to do various tasks efficiently.



How Much Horsepower Is a New Holland Lx665?

The New Holland LX665 skid steer loader has approximately 52 horsepower.

How Wide Is a New Holland Lx665 Skid Steer Loader?

The New Holland LX665 Skid Steer Loader is 65.6 inches wide.

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